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Gregory Korte is an author at Religion News Service.

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In victory for Trump, Supreme Court dismisses travel ban case

October 11, 2017

WASHINGTON (USA Today) — The president’s Sept. 24 proclamation that replaced the temporary travel ban on six nations with a new, indefinite ban affecting eight countries made the court challenge moot, the justices ruled.

Trump’s views on Islam ‘continue to evolve,’ says secretary of state

May 22, 2017

JERUSALEM (USA Today) Rex Tillerson said the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia this week has already begun to soften his attitudes about Islam.

In speech to Muslim leaders, Trump condemns ‘Islamic extremism’

May 21, 2017

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (USA Today) In an ornate conference hall in the Saudi capital, and speaking to a group of leaders from 50 Islamic nations, Trump called on Muslims to confront ‘the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamist and Islamic terror of all kinds.’

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