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Trump pushes for Congress to restrict abortions at ‘March for Life’ event

By Gregory Korte — January 19, 2018
WASHINGTON (USA Today) — Trump's speech to marchers gave the protest added visibility, rededicating himself to a conservative base that he sees as the key to his election victory in 2016. 

In victory for Trump, Supreme Court dismisses travel ban case

By Gregory Korte — October 11, 2017
WASHINGTON (USA Today) — The president’s Sept. 24 proclamation that replaced the temporary travel ban on six nations with a new, indefinite ban affecting eight countries made the court challenge moot, the justices ruled.

Trump’s views on Islam ‘continue to evolve,’ says secretary of state

By Gregory Korte — May 22, 2017
JERUSALEM (USA Today) Rex Tillerson said the president's visit to Saudi Arabia this week has already begun to soften his attitudes about Islam.

Trump arrives in Israel in search of ‘the ultimate deal’

By Gregory Korte — May 22, 2017
JERUSALEM (USA Today) He became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall, continuing his Mideast tour of holy sites. But his real goal is an elusive Israeli-Palestinian peace pact.

In speech to Muslim leaders, Trump condemns ‘Islamic extremism’

By Gregory Korte — May 21, 2017
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (USA Today) In an ornate conference hall in the Saudi capital, and speaking to a group of leaders from 50 Islamic nations, Trump called on Muslims to confront 'the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamist and Islamic terror of all kinds.'

Obama warns of growing anti-Semitism

By Gregory Korte — January 28, 2016
WASHINGTON — On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the president honors 4 people who helped save Jews during World War II.

White House says Obama won’t declare Muslim holiday

By Gregory Korte — December 12, 2015
WASHINGTON — President Obama supports the right of Muslim Americans to celebrate religious holidays, the White House said Friday. He just can't give them the day off.

Obama vows US will destroy Islamic State — but not at the cost of our values

By Gregory Korte — December 6, 2015
He had harsh language for Islamic State "thugs and killers, vowing to fight "by being strong and smart, resilient and relentless." But he also stressed American values, concluding. "Freedom is more powerful than fear."

Obama wants 10,000 Syrian refugees next year

By Gregory Korte — September 10, 2015
"I will acknowledge readily that the scale of the problem will persist long after those 10,000 Syrians have made it into the United States..." said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Papal Mass in Washington will be in Spanish

By Gregory Korte — September 2, 2015
WASHINGTON – The canonization Mass is a reminder that the Latino Catholic church in the United States is actually older than the United States itself.

Pope Francis played key role in restoring US-Cuba ties

By Gregory Korte — December 17, 2014
(RNS) The pope wrote a personal letter to President Obama this fall — something he'd never done before — and a separate letter to Cuban President Raul Castro.
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