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Lilly Fowler

Lilly Fowler is an author at Religion News Service.

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Vice president joins faith leaders in condemning anti-Muslim rhetoric

By Lilly Fowler — December 16, 2015
(RNS) Surrounded by clergy wearing different religious garb, Biden says: “Look around. This is America.”

Sixth St. Louis-area church damaged by fire; $2,000 reward offered

By Lilly Fowler — October 20, 2015
ST. LOUIS — The latest incident is being investigated along with the five other church fires that have happened in the area since Oct. 8.

Outspoken theologian ousted from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

By Lilly Fowler — July 21, 2015
Matthew Becker had raised questions about the denomination’s stance against the ordination of women, as well as its teaching of creationism, or the literal reading of the story of creation in the book of Genesis.

Religious freedom, vocations among bishops’ top priorities

By Lilly Fowler — June 12, 2015
ST. LOUIS But some bishops argued that the group should follow in the steps of Pope Francis and place a greater emphasis on alleviating poverty.

Catholic bishops: “Racism is an evil” in society and the church

By Lilly Fowler — June 11, 2015
ST. LOUIS – Members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops kicked off their annual spring assembly by denouncing racism as an "evil."

St. Louis archdiocese cancels speech by visionary who saw the Virigin Mary at Medjugorje

By Lilly Fowler — March 18, 2015
ST. LOUIS (RNS) Catholic bishops did not conclusively rule out the possibility that the visions were supernatural, but said only that there was insufficient evidence.

Can Catholic hospitals continue to serve the poor? One program tries.

By Lilly Fowler — March 16, 2015
ST. LOUIS (RNS) The master’s program in health care mission at Aquinas Institute of Theology aims to help lay leaders honor Roman Catholic traditions, training them in the history and ethics behind Catholic-based healing.

Is being Jewish a political liability in America’s heartland?

By Lilly Fowler — March 6, 2015
ST. LOUIS (RNS) For some, the disadvantages of being a Jewish politician are tangible. And they're amplified for Missouri candidates who must win over rural voters with little exposure to the faith.

ATF offers $20,000 for tips on church arson after Ferguson riots

By Lilly Fowler — January 30, 2015
ST. LOUIS (RNS) Flood Christian Church is set off from the main protest area in Ferguson, and no adjacent buildings were damaged. Michael Brown's father is a member of the church.

Love thy neighbor? Residents near center for troubled priests worry about property values

By Lilly Fowler — January 13, 2015
Eds: A version of this story originally appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in St. Louis. It is available for use by RNS subscribers. Please use the St. Louis Post-Dispatch byline. DITTMER, Mo. (RNS) A quiet street and a quaint three-bedroom home drew Mike Stenzhorn and his family to Dittmer 15 years ago. He and […]

Residents near center for troubled priests worry about property values

By Lilly Fowler — January 13, 2015
Families thought their street was ideal -- until learning the center houses five convicted sex offenders.

Ferguson pastors urge peace after grand jury doesn’t indict

By Lilly Fowler — November 25, 2014
ST. LOUIS (RNS) The Rev. C. Jessel Strong, president of the St. Louis Metropolitan Clergy Coalition, took the pulpit: “We’re here because we’re sick and tired. Why does it seem all of our children are shot by the police?”

Churches to serve as safe spaces after Ferguson grand jury announcement

By Lilly Fowler — November 21, 2014
ST. LOUIS (RNS) With a grand jury decision on whether to indict the officer who fatally shot African-American teenager Michael Brown, expected by the end of the month, churches in the area are prepared to offer refuge.

In wake of Ferguson, a bid to make St. Louis a more ‘compassionate’ city

By Lilly Fowler — November 13, 2014
ST. LOUIS (RNS) More than 60 cities around the world have signed the Charter for Compassion and that more than 350 are in the process of joining.

Pastor who took a bullet paves her own way to Ferguson’s frontline

By Lilly Fowler — November 3, 2014
ST. CHARLES, Mo. (RNS) The Rev. Lamkin said she didn’t really have a plan when she ventured out to Ferguson but that “the whole being shot thing was probably the best thing that could have happened.”
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