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American University Cairo religion professor loses post in academic freedom fight

By Mina Nader — May 14, 2019
(RNS) CAIRO — The university's president withdrew the title awarded in a professor's contract after the professor refused a donor's demand that he advocate for Islam over other religions in his teaching and scholarship.

Egypt’s Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas, ponder changing date

By Mina Nader — December 26, 2018
EL KOSHEH, Egypt (RNS) — Some argue this ancient community should move its Christmas celebration from Jan. 7 to Dec. 25 as a sign of global Christian unity.

Anger erupts in Egypt after massacre of Christian pilgrims

By Mina Nader — November 5, 2018
MINYA, Egypt (RNS) — An assault that killed seven Coptic Christians on Friday (Nov. 2) follows a May 2017 ambush at the same location, also by the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State. Now, Copts say they have had enough of platitudes.

Coptic abbot’s murder points to strains over ecumenism in Egypt

By Mina Nader — September 7, 2018
(RNS) — Egypt's Coptic Orthodox community is reeling from the murder of the abbot of St. Macarius Monastery, apparently by traditionalists of his own faith, in a fourth-century center of meditation and scholarship near Cairo.

Christians are key to support for el-Sissi in upcoming Egypt election

By Mina Nader — March 5, 2018
CAIRO (RNS) — Since Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi took over Egypt’s presidency four years ago, he has worked to improve life for Coptic Christians, giving them near equal rights and benefits as Muslims even as their churches have been attacked by terrorists.

Egyptian Copts prepare for Easter amid rising fears for their safety

By Mina Nader — April 13, 2017
CAIRO (RNS) The wave of violence has opened up new arguments about Egyptian politics, Coptic religious doctrine and cracks in community unity.

Egyptian Copts finally fulfilling ‘dream’ of traveling to Jerusalem

By Mina Nader — March 26, 2017
AL-KOSHEH, Egypt (RNS) For decades, Copts couldn't make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem because of a church ban on travel to Israel. But many are now fulfilling a central tenet of their faith after Tawadros II, who became pope in 2012, went there himself two years ago.
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