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Silma Suba

Silma Suba is an author at Religion News Service.

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For neurodiverse Muslims, Ramadan presents extra challenges

By Silma Suba — April 20, 2023
(Interfaith America) — The inability to focus on prayers or perform timely rituals can also lead some people to doubt their faith.

On hit shows ‘Ramy’ and ‘Mo,’ Azhar Usman adds nuance about Islam (and joy) to Hollywood

By Monique Parsons and Silma Suba — October 4, 2022
(Interfaith America) — A few recent hits for Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus are shifting Hollywood's narrative about American Muslims. They also have another thing in common: Azhar Usman.

10 years after shooting, Wisconsin Sikhs lead interfaith conversation on safety 

By Silma Suba — August 5, 2022
(Interfaith America) — In the decade since the Oak Creek shooting, hate crimes against places of worship have been on the rise.

Can diabetic Muslims fast safely in Ramadan? These guidelines can help.

By Silma Suba — April 6, 2022
(Interfaith America) — Many diabetic Muslims choose to fast during Ramadan, potentially increasing their risk of acute complications, and most do not receive education on fasting safely.

God, tattoos and empathy: The art of healing from trauma

By Silma Suba — October 28, 2021
(Interfaith America) — Hundreds of people from around the world find their way to David Allen's tattoo studio every year, especially those who are counting on Allen to help them feel whole.

How college chaplains became vanguards for LGBTQ acceptance on campus

By Silma Suba — June 25, 2021
(RNS) — Forty years ago, a dean of religious life at Princeton stumbled onto a surprised group of students in a campus cafe.

Imam Sohaib Sultan, beloved Muslim chaplain, is dead at 40

By Silma Suba — April 22, 2021
(Interfaith America) — A lecturer and writer on Islam was known for his interfaith leadership as a chaplain at Princeton University and as a bridge-builder to other faith communities.

For interfaith couples, Ramadan can deepen ties to faith and each other

By Silma Suba — April 12, 2021
(Interfaith America) — Ramadan can be an opportunity for Muslims in interfaith relationships to introduce their partners to the core beliefs and teachings of Islam.

As pandemic wears on, faith leaders dig in on life or death decisions

By Silma Suba — July 21, 2020
(RNS) — Pastors, imams and rabbis are balancing their faiths’ core values with their communities’ sometimes fractious feelings about reopening.
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