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Stephen Mansfield

Stephen Mansfield is an author at Religion News Service.

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The maddeningly untraditional and modern faith of Abraham Lincoln

By Stephen Mansfield — August 12, 2019
(RNS) — An atheist, then a seeker, he was convinced of God’s existence but agonized over the meaning of Providence in a tragic world; Lincoln’s faith was much like what we see among millions today.

Religion in the classroom: Where the faithful and the ACLU can agree

By Stephen Mansfield — June 7, 2019
(RNS) — A Pew poll from 2010 found that a majority of Americans cannot name the first book of the Bible but can provide the names of the four Beatles.

It’s Norman Vincent Peale’s America

By Stephen Mansfield — April 8, 2019
(RNS) — His vision is echoed in the mystical certainties of figures like Oprah Winfrey. Even the Trump presidency is confirmation that our country is now Peale’s America.

Jamal Khashoggi and the paradox of Saudi Arabia

By Stephen Mansfield — March 8, 2019
(RNS) — We are left to hold two competing facts in our minds: Saudi Arabia’s prince may have ordered the murder of Kashoggi, and he is also leading the country through a breathtaking era of reform.

The quiet, steely faith of George H.W. Bush

By Stephen Mansfield — December 4, 2018
(RNS) — For the late George H.W. Bush, faith was a private anchor of strength. Boasting about it was a kind of sin.

COMMENTARY: Don’t Rewrite History of a Religious Thanksgiving

By Stephen Mansfield — November 17, 2005
c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) They were slightly more than a hundred souls, nearly one-third of them children, and they sailed for 66 days across the frigid North Atlantic. When they arrived at their destination, they were unprepared for the hardships of their new country and half of them died. The rest were saved […]
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