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The problem with immodest pastors

By Laura Turner — January 26, 2015

Getting real about the true struggle in a pastor’s life: modesty. A guest post from Katelyn Beaty.

Christian cleavage and modesty

By Laura Turner — January 23, 2015

Another day, another blog post by a pastor telling women to be modest. Why I’d rather meet at the river.

NJ students attend Mormon Prom for a ‘modest’ celebration

By Janelle Griffith — May 13, 2014

(RNS) The prom was free to attend, but under one stipulation: Teens were required to sign a pact agreeing to dress and behave modestly, to dance “appropriately” and to abstain from using alcohol or drugs.

Does Mormon modesty mantra reduce women to sex objects?

By Peggy Fletcher Stack — March 4, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) The church’s message remains largely the same: Cover up, lest you cause the males around you to sin.

Is the “modesty movement” harmful to women?

By Jonathan Merritt — March 11, 2013

Modesty is all the rage among people of faith these days. But some have even asserted that the movement isn’t theologically mature and may even be harmful to women. Modern modesty advocates, they claim, end up doing the very thing they want to prevent: objectifying women and their bodies.

Modeling agency helps demure Muslims keep it ‘Underwraps’

By Omar Sacirbey — January 30, 2013

(RNS) Nailah Lymus argues that there’s greater demand for modesty than perhaps the fashion industry realizes, and that it will need models to respond. Since launching her Underwraps modeling agency, she’s received more than 400 queries from aspiring Muslim models from the U.S. to Indonesia to Great Britain.

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