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How many Millennials are really leaving the LDS Church?

By Jana Riess — March 27, 2019
Mormons in the United States used to retain about three-quarters of their young people. Now it looks to be closer to half.

Today’s Mormon missionaries: Clingy, soft, and immature?

By Jana Riess — February 18, 2019
Some reactions to last week's announcement about Mormon missionaries can be summed up in three words, delivered in your crankiest and most stereotyped elderly male voice: “In MY day. . . .”

4 myths about ex-Mormons

By Jana Riess — February 12, 2019
Most didn't leave because they got offended, became atheists, or wanted to join another religion. Also, the vast majority of former Mormons say they're happy after leaving.

10 ways Utah Mormons are a breed apart

By Jana Riess — January 11, 2019
Is there really such a thing as a "Utah effect" in American Mormonism?

High-profile excommunications may harm Mormon retention rates in the long run

By Jana Riess — November 30, 2018
Several recent Mormon excommunications prompt the question: what good do they serve the religious community? New survey data suggests they may chill the enthusiasm of the folks in the pews.

In praise of single Mormons

By Jana Riess — October 10, 2018
Dallin Oaks wants young adult Mormons to hurry up and get married. But I think many single Millennials are delaying marriage for excellent reasons.

More Mormon missionaries are coming home early, study shows

By Jana Riess — September 26, 2018
A growing number of Mormons who serve a mission wind up coming home early, a national study shows. What is going on?

How many Mormons use marijuana, anyway?

By Jana Riess — September 20, 2018
With attention focused on the LDS Church's opposition to Proposition 2 in Utah, it's worth asking: How do Mormons feel about marijuana, and how many of them use it?

The Mormon kids are all right

By Jana Riess — September 7, 2018
Yes, Mormon Millennials are leaving the LDS Church at higher rates than previous generations. But there's also a lot of reason for hope.

Which Mormon practices lead to increased spiritual experiences?

By Jana Riess — August 16, 2018
It turns out that prayer and scripture study do in fact seem to help Mormons feel closer to God. Avoiding coffee and Game of Thrones? Not so much.

Forty years on, most Mormons still believe the racist temple ban was God’s will

By Jana Riess — June 11, 2018
It's been 40 years since Mormons changed their racially based priesthood/temple ban. Yet new research shows that even now, most Mormons think the ban was God's will.

No, Brigham Young did not say that single men over the age of 25 are a menace to society

By Jana Riess — May 16, 2018
Mormons have often repeated the Brigham Young statement that a single man over the age of 25 is a menace to society. The problem is that Young never said it.

Mormon environmentalist conveys ecological message through fiction

By Jana Riess — April 30, 2018
Fewer than half of US Mormons think that climate change is caused by human activity. But one BYU professor -- and now, debut novelist -- is on a quiet campaign to focus on the environment.

For many former Mormons, it’s hard to be “spiritual but not religious”

By Jana Riess — April 21, 2018
Former Mormons don’t generally maintain a high level of spirituality when they decide to leave the fold, unless they become actively involved in another religion.

If Mormonism becomes liberal and progressive, won’t it decline even more?

By Jana Riess — March 8, 2018
A podcast listener takes me to task for saying that we should lighten up on Millennials, because doesn't everyone know that religions that liberalize their standards go down the toilet? Not so fast, I respond.
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