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The following comment from Cindy just came in:

Hold on there, I’m an ex-Huckabee supporter present Obama supporter unless possibly old, incoherent, cancer surviving McCain picks Huckabee as VP sidekick — and I perceive you mocking my belief in the rapture and consider it really tacky and ad hominem caricature-baiting not worthy of this fine blog.

I apologize for making light of premillennialist theology, but would just point out in slight extenuation that treating an Obama presidency as a punishment from God was not my thought. I guess, Cindy, that you don’t think so either. That you would only vote for McCain in the event of a Huckabee vice presidential nod from the old guy suggests what the supposed Huckabee double game is all about. An anonymous source has Huckabee at the top of McCain’s VP short list–and Brody smells a trial balloon. I guess you might call it a multi-front campaign. McCain could use some big evangelical names that aren’t Hagee or Parsley. Could Huckabee deliver any besides his own?

  • Cindy

    Well perhaps Huckabee being able to deliver some of his own and some disaffected Hillary supporters, combined with not deliverying but at least not repelling other already barely McCain supporters might not be all that bad for McCain.
    As a premillenialist it might not surprise you that a primary reason I supported Huckabee was because he was the only candidate who stated opposition to a Middle East 2-state solution where the Palestinian state was derived by Israel giving up any more land. McCain holds himself out to be a national security guy, but his statements indicate he is not. I agree w/Obama that foreign policy is an Obama strength, and the contrast between the two was so obvious during the Petraeus hearings. Both Obama and Huckabee are populists who place high priority on the economy and energy independence. My switching to Obama has nothing to do with any bringing on the punishment invented nonsense.

  • Mark Silk

    Fair enough, Cindy. But Obama’s clearly a 2-state solution guy too. So I guess you’re prepared to overlook that?

  • cindy

    I don’t like it, but seeing as Hillary, and McCain are both 2-staters, yes, the mere fact that Obama is a 2-stater then takes a back seat as I look then to the varieties of 2-state positions. McCain for ex, will almost surely adopt the policies of his close friend and present Condi-picked Middle East Envoy Gen. James Jones (who I wouldn’t be surprised ends up in McCain’s cabinet or as VP), who also happens to be the Pres/CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute of Energy. I strongly disagree with this approach that relies on appeasing the oil producing nations that also pose serious security threats. Obama on the other hand is more of an independent thinker, not to mention more knowledgeable about Islam and the differences within the ummah, and has expressed empathy towards Israel’s existence and security needs, with an excellent interview w/Jeffrey Goldberg in yesterday’s The Atlantic online. The great thing about Obama is that he can disagree with positions and particulars while still demonstrating respect and understanding for those he disagrees with — we need this. Obama repeatedly has spoken more highly of the tolerant, syncretistic Islam so common throughout the world, while the people surrounding McCain support the nations spreading the more intolerant forms.

  • Mark Silk

    OK, Cindy. To me you seem like a one-of-a-kind premillennialist but I suppose that just reflects my prejudices. I rather like Huckabee, but nothing I heard from him during the campaign showed anything like your–or Obama’s–sophistication about these matters.