Tebow 3:16

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You may have seen Florida quarterback Tim Tebow with “John” and “3:16” painted in white on the black eye paint during Thursday’s night BCS Championship show-down with Oklahoma. (Wow-I *almost* sound like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to football just then. Don’t worry; it will pass.) Bill Lobdell saw it, and […]

  • Jay

    It is sad that some Christians demonstrate hatefulness toward those whose lifestyles they disapprove of, whose politics they reject, or whose doctrine or moral beliefs they believe erroneous. Christian Supremacy or Christian Dominionism raise concerns. Dominionists believe that God has given Christians the obligation to exercise “dominion” over the Earth, including America. Christian extremists seek to enforce Christian law, insisting Christianity is superior and should be privileged in law as well as culture. Demands for privilege can be motivated by nostalgia for some perceived “good” past and a sense of loss. Demands for supremacy can be motivated by self-righteousness and a belief in the illegitimacy of other religions. Christian Supremacy is a form of fanaticism and extremism.

    Complicating terms like orthodox, conservative, moderate or liberal may be used to define approval within a religion. “Christianity” is just another label instead of letting what’s in our heart define us, not our membership card. Grieve for Americans pushed out of their jobs because they did not quite express views appropriate for some fellow Christian sect. Grieve for homosexuals, so often the recipients of extremist Christian rejection and hatred. Grieve for every Christian who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and was treated as some kind of pagan, or for every Christian treated as some kind of Neanderthal because they supported John McCain.

    If you have Jesus in your heart, and love others with Jesus’s compassion, then you are good with ‘God’. If you have compassion like Buddha did then you are good with ‘God’. If you have wisdom like Gandhi and cultivate yourself accordingly then you are good with ‘God’. If you are atheist and love others compassionately then you are good with ‘God’. This goes for any lifestyle, when you are striving to improve yourself then you are right with ‘God’ and ‘She’ loves you for your efforts, it’s not rocket science. Oh yes, there is also that “He versus She” issue in some religions.

    It seems logical to dissolve conflict by agreeing that favoring any one religion in public forums or government is unnecessary. Tolerance is an idea that no one has the ability and right to punish or oppress others and consciously chooses to act accordingly. Christian Supremacy feels non-Christians should be “tolerated” yet they should be grateful. In the past, Christian Supremacy has been accompanied by overt and even vicious actions. Today this is no longer accepted, but the will of Christian Supremacy has not disappeared. Their attitudes are expressed in subtle ways.