Five reasons why Obama is losing the contraception fight

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White House photo by Pete Souza.

White House photo by Pete Souza.

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(RNS) Given that birth control use is almost universal – even among Catholics – many wonder why the Obama administration could wind up retreating on its pledge to mandate insurance coverage of contraception among religious institutions. David Gibson offers five reasons that may help explain the political dynamic the president is facing

  • bucknackt

    THIS “religious war” being waged for the hearts and minds of the American electorate is a fabrication of the Catholic church and right wing religious extremist, using deception, manipulation and propaganda, methods Christ himself never had to use. The Obama administration is right in their decision to require religious affiliated public institutions to include birth control in the health insurance policies made available to their employees and they are also right in NOT requiring churches, synagogs, and mosques, to provide birth control to their employees if doing so violates the tenants of their faith. When one considers 98% of Catholics use birth control and 58% of Catholics, 68% of religiously unaffiliated Americans, 55% of all Americans, 62% of all women, 71% of Democrats and 51% of Independents all believe employer health plans should be required to provide free birth control coverage, it becomes obvious this “war” is nothing more than a propaganda campaign being waged by the male leadership of these religious groups for political gain, the subjugation of women and not religious rights and religious freedom. You can support the Obama administration and women’s access to birth control by participating in the ACLU’s campaign to pressure Congress and HHS not to revoke these new regulations here

  • Marcia

    Not one woman quoted. They might have a different view as to what this is all about.

  • DangerousTalk

    While the Obama administration is handing out exemptions to the law, maybe atheists should ask for an exemption to the ban on same-gender marriage. Atheists don’t recognize homosexuality as a sin. It isn’t in their unholy book. So they should be allowed to marry gay people in every state. Barring atheists from marrying gay atheists violates their conscience.

  • Bart

    Dear Pres. Obama,
    Please do not retract the order requiring religious institutions, especially those accepting Federal funding, to offer insurance coverage for contraception. Instead compromise.

    In exchange for the church’s compliance, offer any priest who wants it a life time membership in NAMBLA. Women get the coverage, priests are delighted, and we can track them through their membership. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

    Yours in reason,

  • gilhow

    Obama didn’t lose at all. Anyone who thinks he did, doesn’t understand the honest meaning and honest practice of honest arbitration and compromise. As usual, Republicans and too many religious groups, like the Catholic church, presume they are alone at a table and that they manage the kitchen. Obama put his ideas on the table, with the clear announcement at the start that adjustments would be needed. This was honest politics, not the dirty kind currently practiced by Republican extremists acting like they can have everything just their way. Think John Boehner. Think Mitch McConnell. Think tea party mentalities. Think Tim Dolan, archbishop of New York. Hey, think Benedict in the Vatican who gives Dolan all his working orders. And what’s the result of honesty and compromise for Obama? All those good people who want everything their way continue to use his honest, compromising ways to trash him as opposed to decency, opposed to liberty, opposed to religious freedom. After all, he is a “foreigner,” and worst of all, he’s part “black.” Those who oppose Boehner, McConnell, the tea party, Dolan, and Benedict also have a right to their liberty and their religious freedom. It’s an ugly distortion to claim, because people like Dolan can’t succeed in forcing this country to adapt to his theology, that there is even a threat of loss of liberty or religious freedom. They lie. And I think some of their preaching opposes lying.

  • gilhow

    Another thought, that vast majority of Catholics, men and women, who disagree with their church headquarters and practice various forms of birth control, must now have their freedom and their religious liberty abrogated because a bunch of their celibate, presumably chaste, leaders must speak out again birth control. The Catholic Church continues to demand public funds for its “charitable” works, but it doesn’t think it should subscribe to any of our laws. They call all the punches. The Catholic Church is pushing big time to take funds away from public education to support their schools with vouchers, or quietly organize “charter” schools, or support inadequate home schooling. And what is the motive of so many Catholic hospitals merging with non-Catholic hospitals and then attempting to force their Catholic ideas, like birth control, on everyone? They claim it’s for the mutual economic benefit, even salvation, of all entities in the merger, but then they set out to force their moral theology on the whole merger. One wonders if theology wasn’t the purpose all along. Nothing is wiser than the separation of church and state. And it’s churches that cause the most trouble whenever separation is violated. As for unity among churches? What’s the point? They exist as separate entities precisely because they think and act differently.