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  • Laurence Charles Ringo

    As an incessant”Googler”, I thought little Avi’s question to her dad was WAY BEYOND COOL!!-Step up,Dad!

  • Kevan Scott

    After yesterday’s comments & then todays roundup I guess you could call me at least somewhat post-Christian. However, after the bombing in Boston yesterday all I want to do today is let the people of Boston know that they are in all of our thoughts and prayers. Nice note from the Pope to the people of Boston as well. Boston, in time you will recover and come back stronger than ever! We, the American people will not forget either and may the perpetrator of this crime be brought to justice quickly! By the way, despite the challenges of doing a roundup today in light of the trajedy in Boston L. Marcoe did another 1st rate job with the roundup today. Thanks RNS and Ms. Marcoe!

  • The Copt situation in Egypt is heartbreaking, and to compound their suffering is the demise of tourism in the wake of the revolution. Egypt depends on tourism – including faith tourism – and it has fallen dramatically.