• MJohns

    Your summary, “The focus of the Christian faith is our love for God instead of God’s love for us, says Tullian Tchividjian, Billy Graham’s grandson.” Misrepresents what Tchividjian says in the linked interview by 180 degrees and is totally misleading.

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  • Yonat Shimron

    I fixed it to make it clearer. Thank you.

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  • David Lloyd-Jones

    Fortunately the airwaves will be dominated by Benny Hinn, Creflow Dollar and Pat Robertson telling everybody that this guy has it wrong. Right?


  • KABerg

    May I quote from the NYtimes article linked to:”The people talking about him were 12 bishops who were visiting California’s death row in San Quentin prison, the home to more than 700 condemned men.” So not prisoners, but catholic bishops, as yet unjailed…

  • Kevan Scott

    Thanks for doing the story on Rick Joyner and his military takeover comments. One does wonder why and how he and is network maintain their tax exempt status. One also wonders if he has not been visited by the Secret Service. Well, it’s on to read the full story about Joyner and his military takeover comments. So patriotic!

  • Yonat Shimron

    Thank you for your careful read. I’ve updated the post.

  • I’m disappointed in the photo used to illustrate this round-up. I think it trivializes and demeans prison inmates and misleads people about the topic.