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  • Any reason for the inconsistency in capitalizing Bible (under Signs of the Times)?

  • “But atheists aren’t necessarily as charitable to Christians.” Really? Walker’s church/state issue is comparable to a Christian thinking about not attending a daughter’s wedding?

    To make them comparable, it would be better to find a story of an atheist parent thinking about refusing to attend a child’s church wedding. I look forward to reading that in a future edition of Religious News’ Roundup.

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  • Franky FalseEquiv


    The most common critique of (new) atheists I see (aside from how they are borderline 2nd class citizens that will rot in hell), is that when they criticize religion they prop up a caricature of religion/religious groups and then unfairly mock/ridicule the caricature (and thus ignore the diversity of religious approaches to life). The caricature of atheists as angry/bitter/unreasonable is tired and worn out. People who don’t believe in any of the currently popular gods go to religious weddings all the time and sit there quietly and respectfully like everyone else.

  • Diane Rothaar

    Baha’is of all origins and cultures also celebrate Naw-Ruz as the Baha’i New Year. The Baha’i calendar dates from 1844.

  • Yonat Shimron

    You’re right. I neglected to mention the Baha’is. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Yonat Shimron

    We usually uppercase ‘Bible’ and lowercase ‘biblical,’ per AP style.

  • yeahright

    You are wrong. Pick any religion’s character that you want and we will have just as much fun as when we choose one of YOUR religions characters and make fun of them. Doesn’t matter what ‘god’ it is, or what religion, there’s always something Cray Cray going on that we can laugh at. It’s the only way we get through life as a minority that’s constantly being harassed.

  • J.C. Samuelson

    “But atheists aren’t necessarily as charitable to Christians.”

    Really? Fabulous generalization you’ve added to the conversation, Mrs. Shimron. And you’re a managing editor? How is you’re unaware of the ceaseless comments by Christians (and others) throughout history that atheists are “immoral,” or more recently that they are “perverts,” that they deserve to be rounded up in camps, and the incredible variety of other slurs based on one or more disparaging themes? Christians (in general) more polite or charitable to atheists (in general)? Not in my experience, regardless of how prickly the Dawkinses & Hitchenses of the world might seem to some.

    Maybe even more shocking is that someone affiliated with respectable journalism actually sourced “The Blaze,” a project of that paragon of sanity, Glenn Beck! Seriously? You could find nothing better?

    As for the issue at hand, it is just a tweet, after all. Seems hardly worth the effort to fight over. But then again, that cuts both ways too. Since Mr. Walker represents people with diverse beliefs, perhaps he should stick to commenting on issues rather than weighing in on his religious faith. It’s easy enough for him to just take it down and save those comments for other venues when he’s not acting in an official capacity.

  • Stan

    “Pick any religion’s character that you want and we will have just as much fun..” The religion that is “picked” had better not be islam. That cannot be done in today’s America. You will never see a comedian making fun of islam. Also, you will not see anything in the American press that would offend our muslim citizens.