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  • Larry

    “Weekend talker: Sarah Palin told members of the National Rifle Association what she would do with terrorists if she were in leadership…”

    Which she would never attempt again because it is far more profitable to fleece ultra-conservative idiots for speaking engagements and ghostwritten books than to take responsibility of a government position.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    This is inaccurate, Ms. Bailey:

    “7. Three same-sex Tennessee couples’ marriages who were granted recognition last month by a Nashville federal judge are legally void […]”

    No, the stay merely means that until the stay is released, the State of Tennessee may temporarily decline to recognize the legal marriages of those couples. Their legal marriage is recognized by the federal government, the 18 US States and DC where marriage equality has been established, as well as several other states that are not yet marrying same gender couples but are responsibly recognizing marriages from other US States.