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  • John McGrath

    We have to remember that the Catholic Mass is considered a blasphemy by many Protestants,.

  • Kevan Scott

    You did okay with this Tuesday’s version of the roundup!. Sex, in all it’s forms, both good and bad, is part of life isn’t it? UUnfortunately, religion itself is the basis for quite a bit of the conflicts you talked about in today’s rundup. If we, as humans, would stop getting so hung up on whether our particuler brand of religion is the “right” one, with all of it’s particuler beliefs, then the world would be a helluva better place. Whatever happened to that most precious, tenet of most religious faiths, to do unto others as we would have done unto us? If we, all of us, all faiths, would follow that admonition then most conflicts between faiths could be avoided!!

  • John McGrath

    St. John Francis Regis, for whom many luxury hotels have been named, helped a huge number of women out of prostitution. It can be done, with dedicated people.

  • David: All Rabbi’s and Pharisees wore long hair & beards back then so it’s not just “Jesus’ knockout sister? Or a combination of the two?” but the whole Hebrew
    Faith. St. Paul changed the hair style, men short hair, women long hair. So long hair and beards are not Christian anymore since the Apostles took over. Of course the change over took time.