Mormon higher-ups hold keys to excommunication process against two activists

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Kate Kelly, founder of the Ordain Women movement, is facing possible excommunication for her views on gender inequality in the Mormon Church.

Creative Commons image by Katrina Barker Anderson

Kate Kelly, founder of the Ordain Women movement, is facing possible excommunication for her views on gender inequality in the Mormon Church.

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(RNS) If Mormon higher-ups want disciplinary actions against two activists to stop, they could do so. They've done it before.

  • Lles Nats

    Don’t cry for these people. As I understand it, they are DC lobbyists whoee entire day job is ti engage in spin and propaganda.

    So if they have a problem with church doctrine, it means they no longer fit into the church. Big deal. Leave and find a new group aligned with their views. Don’t attempt to make everyone change reluctantly and in bitterness to conform to you.

    Actions like that just reflect how spoiled the mindset of american adults actually is.

  • Jo

    Ms Kelly clearly does not understand her own religious because if she did she would realize that the church is run from heavenly revelation, as in Jesus Christ through his prophet on earth, and not by popular demand or bullying/lobbying. She is an embarrassment to lds women. We women have enough to do with mothering, callings to serve in church, and community service. We don’t need to be greedy and grasping for ambition and trying to over power or steal power given by Him for his kingdom. I know a being who acted that way in heaven before time. One can not force the will of God. Even men who behave such a way are told “amen to the priesthood of that man”. She just does not understand her own religion and is blinded by her vain ambition.

  • Wonder Woman

    “Kelly has written a long brief in her defense and has invited others to testify about how the drive toward female ordination has helped them stay in the Utah-based faith.”

    If her ability to gain followers by preaching doctrine contrary to the established doctrine of the Church were a valid defense to the charge of apostasy, then Lucifer would still be in Heaven. Helping people stay active in the Church is good. Helping people stay active in the church by encouraging them to join a group to pressure the Church to change core doctrine is bad.

  • Don Harryman

    One, two three and they’re out, I guess. If anyone has any doubts about the hateful, exclusionary and judgmental nature of Mormonism, I offer the first three comments here. BTW, Mormonism is no more reflective of Jesus’ teachings than Exxon is.

  • The Easter Bunny

    I second that comment. Mormons with at least a three-digit IQ, an ounce of intellectual, and the ability to think critically/independently are running for the door, or about to get booted out.

  • Wonder Woman

    Actually, “Studies of Mormons in the US show that Mormons with higher education attend church more regularly than uneducated Mormons. . . . 78 percent of Mormons who went beyond their college degrees to do graduate study attend[] church regularly.”

  • Wonder Woman

    And “The more educated a Mormon is, the more likely they are to be wholehearted in their commitment to the church and its teachings.” Pew Research Center officials.

  • Maude Haeger

    I agree that Kate Kelly does not understand how tight the control of the “Brethren” is. My observations are that when one is a member of an organization that is very controlling, one either has to be willing to totally change to the organization’s way of thinking or be miserable.
    When one has been raised within the dogma of the LDS church all of their lives, the debriefing time to realize that there are alternative churches that can be more fulfilling takes a long time to accept and believe. It took me five years to shake off the fear of leaving the LDS church after 40 years of being an active very supportive member.
    Personally, I feel sorry for Kate. She has taken on a giant. She seems to want to be able to have an open discussion about several things related to being a woman within the Mormon tradition. Technically there should be nothing wrong with that, but obviously it is offensive to many. Why is she an embarrassment to LDS women? Because she wants things to change?
    Really, everything out of the general authorities’ mouths is revelation? I disagree. When I realized I could not raise my had to the square and support President Monson as a prophet, I knew it was time to leave. So I walked away. Kate has to do what she feels in her heart is right. Most men I ever met in the LDS church had a definite problem with their own egos. There is a lot of hypocrisy within the LDS church and I think Kate was just trying to open things up a bit. good luck, but I don’t think it will happen. I was around for the LDS ban on the equal rights amendment, and things have not changed that much since. Mostly I hope she can find peace and know that many great people have been excommunicated. god is not excommunicating her. A bunch of men who may or may not have the ability to receive divine revelation will do the deed. She doesn’t show understanding of the fact that she is a member of a church that believes in a lie. I disagree that it is vain ambition. I believe she is trying to make life better for all women within the LDS church. How sad that once again there has to be contention in the name of Christianity.

  • Brian

    Good to meet you. I’m a practicing Mormon and I love it. I’m also a PhD.