Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim may be free, but is she safe? The real problem with apostasy and blasphemy laws

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Meriam Ibrahim

Photo by via Flickr

Protest calling for Meriam Ibrahim's release

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Reports are emerging that Meriam Ibrahim, once on death row for apostasy and adultery, has been released. Hold the applause---her life could still be at risk.

  • Atheist Max

    Brian Pellot,
    Thanks so much for following these stories about what happens to blasphemers and apostates around the world.

    Christians seem to think they are the victims of persecution when the truth is more insidious – every religion is persecuting every other religion – everywhere!

    Religion is brain garbage.

    Blasphemy, Apostasy and Heresy are VICTIMLESS CRIMES.
    Worse the perpetrators of these so-called crimes are merely the ones doing all of the THINKING in these societies!

    Woe to those countries who execute the thinkers!
    Religion is a needless nightmare.

  • Brian Pellot

    OK she’s clearly not safe if she’s just been REARRESTED. Sudan has flip-flopped on her fate SO. MANY. TIMES.

  • Atheist Max

    Thanks for your reporting on this story and others like it.
    It is so important.

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