Hitler’s childhood home could become museum

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(RNS) The idea for the museum comes from Austrian historian Andreas Maislinger, who says the "House of Responsibility" will allow students and young people to do research on crimes against humanity and World War II.

  • Fran

    I would call it a “house of torture” myself.

  • rob

    every body including me likes to point fingers at some one else,,, to make them selves feel better about them selves ..
    well Hitler is long dead .. and the world still Stinks to high heaven. and he cant be blamed for that ,,
    its time we forget about him and be concerned with our own self if we want to change things for the better .. it all starts with self to have a better world.. AND THATS WHY WE NEVER HAVE A BETTER WORLD.

    Why is it we want it always to start with the other guy?.

  • rob

    This world is never going to get any better. because were always think the other guy is worse..

    ST Paul THE apostle of Jesus got it right when he said.

    Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinner of whom I am the worst.. notice the present tense he used on himself.

    yet also look at who he did not point fingers at ..
    not even Judas ..or any of the murderous kings he knew of ..

  • A museum about inhumanity. Hmm. I wonder if they have plans for expansion.