Pastor who took a bullet paves her own way to Ferguson’s frontline

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Pastor Renita Lamkin, from St. Johns AME Church, second from right, joins the protesters who confronted Missouri Highway Patrol Col. Ron Johnson in Ferguson on Aug. 14, 2014, with questions about the shooting of Michael Brown. Photo by J.B. Forbes, courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Pastor Renita Lamkin, from St. Johns AME Church, second from right, joins the protesters who confronted Missouri Highway Patrol Col. Ron Johnson in Ferguson on Aug. 14, 2014, with questions about the shooting of Michael Brown. Photo by J.B. Forbes, courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. (RNS) The Rev. Lamkin said she didn’t really have a plan when she ventured out to Ferguson but that “the whole being shot thing was probably the best thing that could have happened.”

  • Doc Anthony

    This pastor does have an interesting and/or unusual life story. Can’t complain about RNS presenting this article about her.

    But I’m still waiting for somebody to publicly apologize to that innocent Ferguson store clerk who was robbed, assaulted, bullied, terrorized, by a 300-lb strongarm robber named Michael Brown who had marijuana in his bloodstream. The video of the store clerk’s humiliation has been broadcast across an entire nation.

    NOBODY has apologized to that store clerk for his humiliation. NOBODY has confronted the family of the man who did that crime, and called for a public apology. Nobody’s taking a bullet for that innocent store clerk.

    This was a golden opportunity for Rev. Lamkin to make clear to ALL sidesthat “justice” is a two-way street. A golden opportunity to make clear that Ferguson’s CROOKS aren’t going to get a free pass any more than Ferguson’s police will.

    But she failed on that opportunity. Clearly failed. Became part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Fourth Valley

    Who?? Who do you want to apologize??

    Because with the shooting, the perpetrator exists, and is in a position of authority under a chain-of-command technically liable for his actions. A large amount of people for whom the responsibility of the act lies could issue apologies for that event.

    But as for the robbery?? No one commanded the robber to do what he did. The only one accountable for his actions is himself. The only one qualified to apologize on his behalf is himself and, well, he’s dead.

    You’re asking a group that has no guilt in the crimes of one man to apologize for his crimes, if I am not mistaken.

    The two incidents are separate and are not linked in any way, as the police have said. Thus, they must be treated separately, and there is no one who CAN give an apology on the behalf of the dead man, and thus no one SHOULD give that apology.

    Or, hell, why don’t YOU give the apology. I mean, you had just as much authority over Brown’s actions as anyone else that could conceivably apologize. Otherwise… who is it you think should apologize, and why THEM specifically??

  • Fran

    Racial equality and true brotherhood of man concerning all races and cultures will only come about through God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44).

    It will be the only source of peace since it will rule with love, righteousness and justice for ALL people, those things we are NOT used to receiving from man’s governments (Isaiah 11:1-9).

    Not only that, but weapons will no longer be necessary or even desired, since all the wicked ones will be done away with through God’s kingdom (Psalm 37:10,11; Micah 4:1-5), and love will be the dominant quality shown by all instead of hate or prejudice.

    What marvelous things to look forward to in the near future!! 😀

  • Doc Anthony

    “The only one qualified to apologize on his behalf is himself and, well, he’s dead.”

    No, that’s not true Fourth. One simply types “mother apologizes for robbery” or some similar phrase into Google, and you can immediately find recent real-world examples, right here in America. Some families DO apologize to victims if the crook doesn’t. It’s the right thing to do.

    The more you get in front of the TV cameras and demand big justice and call for somebody to get arrested and jailed (without even any due process for that person!!!!!!!) , the more you need to get in front of the same TV cameras and make sure that YOU have practiced the justice you are crying so loud about, if the opportunity is there.

    That innocent store clerk, too scared and terrorized to even do ONE interview on TV lest the mobs kill him, is the Brown family’s opportunity to practice justice. (Also Lamkin’s, but she punted.)

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  • She has nothing intelligent to say about social problems, she sets herself up as a critic of police forces without any indication she has any appreciation of police tactics, strategy, or working conditions; she inserted herself into a disagreeable situation being exploited by rabble rousers. Oh, and she got a bad bruise from a rubber bullet (karma’s a bitch, sister).

    The situation in Ferguson called for a careful and impartial fact-finding procedure to ascertain the officer’s level of culpability. The contribution of demonstrations to that effort (much less riots) is nil, and the property damage is likely to drive away the better sort of local resident. That this woman cannot figure any of this out gives you a sense of the quality of her thinking.

  • Larry

    Rubber pellets don’t count as “taking a bullet”.

  • Frank

    Meanwhile it looks like the police account of the event is the truth. I wonder if all the protestors will have enough integrity to apologize for their false allegations.

  • Be extremely surprised if this dame or anyone else of note did.

  • Montclair

    Just look up Montclair on the Park where she works and lives. She’s too busy getting arrested for a cause that she is clearly not informed about that she cannot perform her job. She loves her 15 minutes of fame. What she is doing is causing danger to police officers all over St. Louis. Her tweets demand that her fellow protesters not be peaceful. Stating that being peaceful will not evoke a change, which I would argue. Please learn to be respectful. Or at least please, be informed. Demanding justice for Mike by calling out for the immediate arrest of an officer without that officer receiving due process is quite the contradiction.

  • Dorian G.

    Let’s have a dose of reality from right here in Ferguson, shall we? She’s one of the clergy who has banded with insurgents to harass, daily, police officers and innocent citizens here in Ferguson. Some of those clergy have danced around with the insurgents yelling “F*** the police” themselves. She claims to be a shepherd, a Christian minister, and yet she dehumanizes and harasses our peacekeepers, the human beings (many Christian) who chose to be police officers and protect our community. She thoroughly participates in the outrageous mythology that has grown up, that our police officers are evil racists who gun down black men. It is a lie, easily disproven with facts.

    She was present at a clandestine “protest strategy meeting” at a local church the other day, where a young man made the mistake of video-recording the meeting, and was beaten for his trouble. Lamkin’s response was not to help the young man, it was to take his phone and erase the recordings–presumably so that the police couldn’t see what insurgent behavior they were planning.
    She’s a charlatan.

    Further, the “Ferguson PD rubber bullet” was a pepper ball fired by the MO State Highway Patrol. They are gel balls filled with oleoresin capsicum. In other words, they’re exactly like recreational paint balls, only filled with pepper and used to disperse unruly crowds. So in other words, the “bullet she took for the protesters” was the same as the “bullets” taken by everyone who has ever played on a paint ball game field.

    Lamkin is a lying, self-promoting disgrace to Christian ministry. Glad I’m not a member of her congregation, because I’d be an ex-member.

  • tammi

    You couldn’t have said that any better! THANK YOU!

  • tammi

    That comment was in reply to Dorian G. Thank you Dorian!

  • Marilyn

    To Dorian G.:
    You are exactly right on target about Lamkin. We don’t need people like her mucking up the truth.
    And the truth of the matter is that, on the store’s video cam, that so-called “Gentle Giant” was anything but gentle. The truth of the matter is that the officer who shot that kid was sitting in his patrol car unaware that he’d even robbed the store! Also the truth is all the bullets that were shot into that kid entered from the front, that “Gentle Giant” which means he was not turning around to run. The truth is that the protesters out there were violent, not peaceful, and were vandalizing stores. How can people watching the TV footage of this event, know enough to be able to distinguish the “regular” protesters from those who infiltrated from out of state? If this pastor is not from Ferguson, MO, how would she be able to tell the “regulars” from the infiltrators? The truth is that there are a lot of black people who are in jail because they really do belong there, not because they are innocent victims of “racism”. Truth, Right & Wrong have no color. Because regardless of color or race murder, rape, stealing, vandalism, and lying are just plain WRONG and nobody has any excuse for it!!

  • Dr. Hill-Wayne

    You guys are missing the point. It’s not about him being a gentle giant. The point that the protesters are unhappy with is that these cops are getting away with murder all the time and they are protected. Now you all know that if this was not a cop who shot him, then he would have been convicted already. Are you all forgetting the man who was choked out in NY by the police a few months ago and died. Or how about the homeless man in Cali who was shot and killed by the police this year? But you’re absolutely right! They were all thugs and they were asking for it! It’s a shame that no one has apologized to the people they “hurt.” “Hey, I’m sorry I robbed your store and I’m sorry I was selling a cigarette on the streets and hey look I’m sorry I’m homeless.” #ThingsToSayBeforeYouDie. Do you know who they need to arrest???!!!! People who don’t use their blinkers!!!!
    So how about you guys go down to the protest and see why these people are upset. You don’t know their stories or their struggles with police. I’m not justifying anyone but sometimes you have to empathize with the people. I going to her church! I heard one of her members left because she wasn’t paying any attention to him and he said he was never coming back. Funny how when CNN was there, he was front and center lol I believe in her and what she’s doing. I got a chance to spend time with her at the protest and some of the people who have been by her side and they all share the same story about her. She is there when they are and she keeps them safe, warm and fed. I have attended many other churches in the St. Charles/O’fallon area and none of them even talk about what’s going on in Ferguson. They pretend that it isn’t happening.

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