Pope Francis speaks: 5 takeaways from another blockbuster interview

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Pope Francis angered Turkey by calling the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians a genocide.  Photo by Paul Haring, courtesy of Catholic News Service

Pope Francis angered Turkey by calling the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians a genocide. Photo by Paul Haring, courtesy of Catholic News Service

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) "Certain resistance has surfaced; I think it´s a good sign when things are discussed openly and not secretly if people don't agree. It's good to discuss things openly; it's healthy."

  • Ben in oakland

    Right. Gay marriage never even crossed your mind.

    And yet, the recent Humanum conference was devoted to explaining how gay people destroy marriage, and how marirage must be defended from the horror of people getting married. tony perkins, Robert George, Mark regnerus, Helen Alvare and others from the antigay witherspoon Institute were all there. As well as a host of others, all bleating the same bleats.

    this pope wants to have it both ways. Denying being hardliner, but only publicly. but letting the real hardliners know he is with them.

  • I’m not inclined to disbelieve Pope Francis on gay marriage, where the synod was concerned. I tend to take him at his word that the pastoral outreach to LGBTQ people is more on his mind, and probably those who are true pastors.

    Mr Perkins, Mr George, Ms Alvare, and others can gather freely and conference as they wish. What’s that to us? There’s a reason the bleating seemed to be loud. Then the world moves on.

  • It boggles the mind why anyone keeps listening to the Pope et al. and reporting what religious leaders say. They just make it up as they go along. It is all make believe. Divisions in the church and by extension divisions by religions are not acceptable for they are divisions of humanity and “divided we fall” is not make/believe. http://www.thelastwhy.ca/poems/2011/6/29/dalai-lama-pope-et-al.html

  • roberto

    Just to bring to the table controversial topics has some value. How they are handled is a different issue. Homosexuality and divorced people definitely are issues of concern for pope Francis, as he has said, for pastoral reasons. Translating his words we may say perhaps, ‘because they also are God’s children’.

    The point, in my view, is that the catholic church has hold for centuries a clear position on these matters. Pope francis seems to be trying to force a way around, which for obvious reasons make feel uncomfortable to not just ‘radical’ people.

    What could be new to be considered? That the sun doesn’t spin around the earth? I think the way the debate has been posed is where the noise originates. I would like to join a proper debate open to objective knowledge looking to those issues with God merciful, loving, intelligent eyes.

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  • The most important thing that Pope Francis could and should do is rescind Pope Paul VI’s 1968 condemnation of contraception, which he promulgated in defiance of nearly all of his own advisers. That ban has contributed to the deaths and suffering of literally millions of women worldwide and contributed enormously to human overpopulation and global climate change. Francis needs to act and act NOW. — Edd Doerr (arlinc.org)

  • Susan

    God made woman for man, and the result was children. Man made contraceptives, made money from contraceptives, developed organizations as Planned Parenthood to push them, yet today with all the “contraceptives”, we still have a hugely high abortion rate annually. Explain that.

    Media says we need to “control population”. That is the ploy used to brainwash the masses into not having children. Sodomite behavior is pushed via Media and Hollywood for the same reason. The elites do not want this many people threatening them on this planet. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bill Gates, all of them, want depopulation to occur. They support financially the ACLU who pushed homosexuality. They push Common Core, a brainwashing centralized government control, to push sodomy in schools. It is all satanic, imo, and all ANTI-GOD.

    Jesus destroyed Soddom & Gomorrah for a reason, and it wasn’t “bad manners”.

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  • Suzanne

    Susan what we shared was not the work of the Devil. God made us what we are and nothing more. Thank you for our time together. It is not reason to feel shame and God as you know sees all and punishes all.

  • Frank

    God doesn’t make people gay, sin does.

  • Jack

    Uh uh Frank. Gay behavior is observed across the animal kingdom, not just for you. So god did make people gay and with gay tendencies. Be proud of your tendencies; you are who you are. Either you accept god as the creator of gay and everything else, or not at all.

  • Jack

    God can take care of his own children, can he not? Why should a Pope be intervening?

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  • Jack Jones

    The Catholic Church wants to reach out to the parents of gay children to offer spiritual support. Very nice if that were true , at the same time they neglected to discuss gay marriage because it isn’t on their agenda. Very nice if that weren’t true . You can also read an article about POPE FRANCIS : http://bit.ly/1BXQGxC .He has often made some controversial decisions and comments, and, as he revealed in a recent interview he has received a lot of resistance from other leaders in the Catholic Church.