• Larry

    Well at least we know he won’t be saying, “God commanded me to do it”.

    That is refreshing.

  • Chuck

    Wait, but I thought religion was the cause of all violence in the world? Isn’t that the narrative they try to sell us? I guess instances like this one and the exhaustive history of the 20th century disprove that notion.

  • The Great God Pan

    “The police have offered no motive for the killings.”

    Multiple other news sources report that police have attributed the shootings to an ongoing dispute over a parking space.

  • The Great God Pan

    And please note that, despite how some people would like to spin this tragic and idiotic crime, “parking space” was not a typo for “religion.” I did, in fact, mean to type “parking space.” Pretty sure those reporters all did, too. And the police. “Parking space.” Not “religion.”

  • If it turns out this horrible crime was committed by an Atheist
    in the name of promoting Atheism let be the first to blame Atheism.

    At the moment I am simply shaken and terribly sad
    that so many beautiful young people are dying and that so many awful murderous people have easy access to murderous weapons.

    These poor kids did not deserve this nightmare. My heart goes out to the families.

    We must remember that crime is generally on the decline in the world despite these horrors – and take heart that we must make the future a better, more cooperative place.

  • The Great God Pan

    The irony here is that most of the people pointing to the shooter’s atheism are the same ones who claim that religious terror attacks are not motivated by religion, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, etc.

  • Larry
  • Garson Abuita

    This could have been motivated by a parking/neighbor dispute AND anti-Muslim/-religion bias. More needs to be known about the shooter to make a solid determination.

  • TGGP,

    The first thing this story does it make me weep.
    Young people dying because of so damn many guns out there waiting to break more hearts and hot-head fascists are unfortunately everywhere.

    Yes – Atheism is simply non-belief ( ‘I do not believe in god’) and it is Agnostic (I don’t know if god exists).

    There is no dogma for me to enforce on other people.
    To me, Atheism is completely passive and harmless.
    It threatens nobody. It commands nothing.

    But Hard Atheism is different from Atheism.
    Hard Atheism is a dogma.
    It claims “God does not exist” which is a clear, unprovable religious claim. And like any other religious dogma, it is wired for fascism.
    Stalin and Mao, etc.

    Unfortunately, the wider world wrongly thinks “Atheism” is always
    the “Hard Atheist” claim (probably thanks to Stalin)
    though most of us are not Hard Atheists.
    We are Agnostic and have NO DOGMA.

    Maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson was right to remain ‘Agnostic’ even though he doesn’t believe. ‘Agnostic’ is understood by everyone as passive and non-dogmatic.

    On the other hand, Atheism needs to be better understood.
    Unlike religion simple, Agnostic Atheism HAS NO COMMAND TO KILL
    and its spread has made the world more peaceful.*

    (*Steven Pinker’s, “Angels of our Better Nature)

    In the meantime, I’m just terribly sad about this news.

    American Muslims are less than 1% of our country,
    they are the least dogmatic and the most well-adjusted Muslims in Western society. Many become non-believers by the second or third generation.

    American Muslims are an under appreciated, highly educated asset to this country. I hope Muslims will not be afraid to come here
    in greater numbers.

  • Dogmatic Ideologies are the cause of most man made violence in the world.
    Religious claims are only the dominant form of it.

    This Atheist Killer had a dogmatic ideology like the Stalinists did.
    And he enforced it with Fascism.

    “There is No God” is a dogmatic ideology known as Hard Atheism.
    Like other claims about God, It is a claim which cannot be proven nor disproved. It can only be asserted.

    But most Atheists are Agnostics. We make no claims about god.
    We don’t claim “There is no God” as our ideology – only “We do not believe in god” – that is the difference and it is huge.

    This Atheist Killer made many mistakes in his thinking
    similar to what the dogmatic religious do:

    He claimed a righteous ideology (Hard Atheism) to be more important than human lives.
    He believed Murder would be a good way to implement it.
    He Enforced it with Fascism.

    Had he been a staunch Christian or Muslim he could have just as easily made the same mistakes.

    We have a right to our religious dogmas – but not to the point where it infringes on the rights of others:

    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” – US Constitution

  • Fran

    Such a sad state of affairs concerning the terrible increasing acts of inhumane acts as was foretold for the last days of this wicked era (2 Timothy 3:1-5), in which we are living.

    It’s reassuring and comforting to know that God’s kingdom (Daniel 2:44) will soon intervene in man’s affairs and set all matters right for meek persons worldwide (Micah 4:3-4).

    That government will also bring back to life on earth those innocent persons who have lost their lives due to actions of wicked ones (John 5:28,29; Acts 24:15), during its upcoming millennial rule.