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  • Bill

    So what did she say?

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  • mike

    Uh, am I the only one who sees the giant hole in this story? What the heck did the teacher post, for pete’s sake?!?

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  • Doc Anthony

    No censorship, please.

  • Another ruined apostolate. We have a Catholic school where the utterance of a Catholic moral teaching would be grounds for discipline. Note that the screenshot in question does not even do that. It just says that loudmouth homosexuals are talking out of two sides of their mouth. In the minds of the educational apparat, homosexuals are such special snowflakes that no critical assessment of their arguments or motives may be offered.

  • Steve

    The policy of the school regarding social media is, “It is the policy of the school that all faculty and staff demonstrate respect and sensitivity to all people at all times and to avoid offending any individuals or groups..” That is interesting, because Christ is offensive to many people and groups. So this Christian school prohibits its teachers from mentioning Christ? The world is getting just plain weird.

  • Ben in Oakland

    It’s not Christ that is offensive to many individuals and groups.

    It’s a certain class of his so-called followers: the moralizing, busybodies, the theocrats and theocrazies.

  • The religious orders which founded schools like that are imploding demographically because their recruitment collapsed after the 2d Vatican disaster. They’re legatee organizations running on fumes and have no real charism. They cannot staff the schools and there is so little point to their vocation that the schools would not be worthwhile if they could.

    As for the diocesan schools, they’re run by church-o-crats who have no serious comittments either. It’s doubtful the differ much from the usual social type who has an aversion to employment with operational measures of competence.

    So, there is no Catholic education. You have, instead, suburban nice which pleases their paying clientele. That has little to do with abiding good manners and a great deal to do with contemporary fashion (much of which would have embarrassed an ordinary burgess in 1975 or even 1995).

  • Larry

    He works for a religious school. He voluntarily chose to be bond by its rules. Those rules involved engaging in behavior which would reflect upon the school.

    Unless you think those arguments only apply to gay teachers. 😉

  • Larry

    Catholic school education is becoming less desirable as they choose to emphasize dogmatic purity over providing quality education.

  • John

    Freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of speech…all are being eroded in the name of silencing any dissenting opinion to the approval of homosexual behavior. Tyranny is growing the US in the name of political correctness. Either all Constitutional freedoms apply to everyone or none of them apply to anyone anymore.

  • Greg

    She is saying in her blog, that gay activists want to have it both ways: first these activists contended that people are born gay, and they must be given rights because it is not of their own choosing. Then they conversely say that the gay lifestyle is a choice which must be acknowledged, and reckoned as “normal.” However, she is saying that the real underlying principle, is to completely change our Western Culture, which is a product of Christianity. She then goes on to say what I believe, as well: that the ideal healthy family, has both a mother and a father, who are married, and that apart from that model, the children are raised in a less than perfect situation, and that this can do harm to their psyche during the developmental years.

  • Ben in oakland

    No one has been silenced. That’s just your narrative about why more and more people don’t agree with you.

    “Either all Constitutional freedoms apply to everyone or none of them apply to anyone anymore.”

    which is what we gay people have been saying to you people for years.It’s not us that wants to establish a Christian theocracy. That’s all you.

  • Greg

    Ben, this country is what it is because it was built upon the foundation of Christ. You are enjoying the fruits of Christianity, whether you believe that or not.

  • Larry

    In other words she was blowing smoke and insulting gay people.

    So what part of Western Culture is a product of Christianity? Be specific. Other than as a cause of conflict for centuries, you are not even remotely correct here.

  • Larry

    Greg you are full of crap.

    Show me where in the US constitution is Christ mentioned.

    Show me where in the New Testament is any reference to representative government of the people.

    We are enjoying the fruits of people fleeing the excesses of state sponsored Christianity and the horrors it inflicted on Europe and the rest of the world. We are enjoying personal liberties which would be denied to a nation if your form of Christianity is officially recognized.

    Nobody is denying bigoted Christians a voice under color of law. But having a right of free speech does not mean one has a right to speech without consequences or reaction. Especially by private entities. If the teacher didn’t want to be bound by the rules of the private school, they had no business working for one. That is the same argument you would give if a teacher is fired for marrying their gay partner. It works here too ironically.

  • Ed

    Rewriting American history to fit your narrow mindedness or just your ignorance? America was founded upon Christian principles; it’s that simple.

  • Ed

    It’s clear you ignore the bible or are ignorant of it, which is God’s law. You can call those that follow God’s law as moralizing but take it up with God and see what he says about homosexuality.

  • Ed

    Larry, you’re hate and ignorance is showing as Greg is right and you just can’t stand the truth so you must share your bigoted views for the world to see in an effort to shut those up from expressing their views that don’t march in lock step with your twisted ideology.

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