Michigan will let faith-based adoption agencies refuse gay couples

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Michigan has a new law (June 11) that allows faith-based adoption agencies to refuse gay couples as clients.

Michigan has a new law (June 11) that allows faith-based adoption agencies to refuse gay couples as clients.

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Half of Michigan's $20 million public budget for adoption agencies goes to faith-affiliated groups that would be covered under the religious objection laws.

  • Ben in oakland

    As our so-called good so-called Christians will always say:


    Apparently not.

  • Larry

    My take on it is that the religious adoption agencies are free to discriminate, but they are not free to do so on the public dime. If a government agency can’t do it, taxpayer funds can’t be used to do it either. This law as well as the nonsense Mini-RFRA’s amount to nothing more than legalized discrimination and official establishment of religion.

  • Marco Luxe

    If you want any state contract, you follow the state rules attached to state money, namely, non-discrimination. If you don’t want to follow the rules, don’t apply for state money. LDS adoption agencies do fine without any state money. Why do other PRIVATE religious agencies insist on public money? Let them discriminate on their own dime.

  • Greg1

    The bizarre thing is that religious adoption centers must to refuse state money in order to select parents on a moral basis, since the religious groups were the very ones who set up these agencies to begin with. Where was the big merciful government when only the Catholic and other Christian churches were finding homes for the kids? Answer: absent. Big government equals large levels of dysfunction based upon someone’s latest version of “human” righteousness.

  • Doc Anthony

    Michigan has done the right thing…for now. Sincere thanks to Michigan’s legislature and governor.

    But Christians already know that they cannot trust Michigan or any other state to do the right thing, once the Supreme Court gay marriage decision comes down this summer.

    You already know the Gay Gestapo will put real pressure on Michigan to reverse this adoption-agency policy once the Supreme deal is done. Religious freedom is never supported by the Gay Religion.

    Michigan Christians and their adoption-services agencies now have a short window of grace time, thanks to this new decision, in which to pray and decide what their next steps will be, in light of the coming storm. May God bless them.

  • Larry

    Because nothing says fiscal responsibilities and civil liberties like state funded and endorsed discrimination. Religious freedom never meant a right to mistreat others.

    Doc, under your take on religious freedom I can burn a cross on your lawn as an expression of Christian Identity faith. It is an act of conscience of sincerely held belief because God says that people like yourself have no business in my neighborhood. The government has to respect my belief and sanction my act. You have the burden to prove why my religious freedom is more important than your lawn. 🙂

  • Toby Powell

    So any irrational superstitious ‘religious ‘ belief can be used to discriminate with our state financial support. Golly!

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