Yoga Day celebrated worldwide with a push by India’s leader

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India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi performs yoga with others to mark the International Day of Yoga, in New Delhi, India, June 21, 2015. Photo by Adnan Abidi courtesy of Reuters

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi performs yoga with others to mark the International Day of Yoga, in New Delhi, India, June 21, 2015. Photo by Adnan Abidi courtesy of Reuters

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday's event, marked from Manhattan to New Delhi, "was about "freeing the universe from stress..."

  • Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Yoga enhances physical fitness and sharpens mental reflexes. It is a human endeavor to cultivate discipline of mind and body. Yoga has nothing to do with any religion or any mortal guru.

  • Larry

    This is as opposed to the notion of eternal torment and damnation for violating arbitrary codes of conduct or not giving proper hosannas to deity and human embodiments.

    MM, you are confusing Hinduism with Buddhism. Not unlike confusing Christianity with Islam. Hinduism has no permanent eternal heaven or hell. Life, death, rebirth is a never ending cycle to the Hindu.

    Karma is a concept which is not alien to Christianity. One’s spiritual consequences is determined by actions in one’s life.

    Anyone who uses the argument X religion is more sensible or better than Y religion is merely expressing their sectarian prejudices. They all have ridiculous parts to them. Its just that believers seldom want to address them in an objective fashion.

  • Yoga is an ancient Hindu belief, action and process. it is physically, mentally and spiritually comforting and satisfactory. Once you learn the action and process of Yoga, it costs nothing to adopt and practice Yoga for about half an hour every day. It is as good as kneeling down and praying to Jesus for support and comfort in our daily life. Yoga will support and comfort your life every day. Anger, hate and jealously will be driven out of your mind if you do Yoga.

  • Greg1

    Yes, I would stay far away from any Yoga. It opens the mind up to the point of spiritual vulnerability. If one wants to meditate, then let it be either meditative or contemplative prayer, which dwells on the Trinity. That is the only safe way to meditate, otherwise when you open your mind up, you become vulnerable to the evil spirits, who are looking for a place to enter.

  • Dr Raghav N Bhatnagar

    Those who do not understand yoga or its philosophy have a very narrow outlook towards life. In fact such people wait for the day of the Lord, which no one knows when will it come. Such people indulge in carnal sins and justify them by quoting from the Bible or Quron. It is everyday occurrence Christians are killing other Christians on the basis of color of the skin or religious affiliation. In such a backdrop yoga is the only discipline that offers man some degree of sanity in this crazy mixed up chaotic world. Those who she’d doubts on yoga or its intended purpose are missing the whole point of being a human being. First learn to love your neighbor then quote from the Bible. I have also read Bible several times and understands what Jesus lived and died for.

  • Banda

    CAMBRIDGE, U.K. – A large new study done by scientists at Cambridge University prove that yoga helps lower back pain but causes mental illness.

    The largest study ever done about the benefits of yoga examined over 5,800 people who did yoga regularly over a two-year period. It concluded that yoga is extremely effective at relieving lower back pain, but yoga caused mental deficiencies in 80% of those studied and some kind of mental illness in over 72% of participants.