• Mark

    If God was weeping, it was because of the lack of use of wisdom by human beings in preventing such crimes from happening. God would be shaking his head thinking, I gave all this intellect to these people to find solutions and yet, they are just wasting it all away.
    All they do is grieve and grieve and grieve more when murderers keep committing crimes, yet, do nothing to find a solution to the problem. Yes, God wept at the ineptitude of human beings to prevent such tragedies and find solution to problems.

  • Funny how Roof didn’t say anything about hating God, Christianity or religion in his manifesto. I guess it just slipped his mind. He did, however, remember to note that the reason he didn’t just “wander the streets of a black neighborhood,” as you put it, is because he thought it would have been too dangerous for him to do on his own. A church, on the other hand, gave him captive, unsuspecting and unarmed prey.

    Also funny how the supposedly anti-Christian, God-hating Hitler couldn’t shut up about how great God and Christianity are.

  • JR

    Like Pan, I believe the coward was out to kill Blacks in the safest circumstances he could find, like shooting fish in a barrel. Blacks, or anyone, attending a Bible Study class are ripe for the picking to a sick, racist mind. The shooter did not gun down nine Black drug dealers or gang members, but people discussing God. There is an aura of religious liberties being attacked today, but this incident was a crime of opportunity. A cowardly, vile murdering of good people simply because of their skin color.

  • Ugh

    Totally agree.

    I highly doubt that the attacks on black churches during the 60’s were ever considered attacks on religion. Heck, many of the attackers used the Bible as their defense.

    I can not follow the line of logic that this boy was attacking religion. For me, the fact that he chose a church is not evidence that religion was his target. Instead, the fact that he chose a church is evidence that he’s a coward like the last two white kids who went on shooting sprees. Choosing an elementary school, movie theater (during a movie), and a church are all places where you will find groups of unsuspecting/vulnerable targets. Also, the week before the attack he was shooting off his mouth saying that he was going to attack a school. All the evidence, that’s come out so far, suggests that he was motivated by race and that he had the opportunity at the church.

  • Gerald Moore

    The fact he did it at a church appears to have be an afterthought or fall back location chosen at the last minute. He was checking out malls initially. It was simply a place to find a lot of black people in one place. Nazi’s weren’t anti-god they were anti-Jew. “Gott Mitt Uns” God goes with us. Belt buckle tells it all. White supremacists and the KKK have a common thread – religious ideals!

    So, no, this had little to do with an attack on religion, but rather religion doing what religion does – promoting hate towards out groups.

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  • B.G. Simons

    After Hitler took over the Christian churches with a perverted theology, representatives from all the German Confessional Churches met in Barmen, May 29-31, 1934. They rejected the errors of the “German Christians” of the Reich Church government which were devastating the Church, condemned the heresies of those who were attempting to accommodate Christianity to National Socialism, rejected the use of force and insincere practices, and took a stand upon Scripture. (www.sacred-texts.com/chr/barmen.htm)
    The Barmen Declaration was drafted by Reformed theologian Karl Barth and Lutheran theologian Hans Asmussen. The Pastors’ Emergency League, headed by Martin Niemöller, was the backbone of the active resistance. Niemöller was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen and Dachau. Not all Christians courageously resisted the regime, but many who did—like the Protestant pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Roman Catholic priest Bernhard Lichtenberg—were killed in concentration camps or exiled.

  • Larry

    Hitler collaborated with Christian churches as willing partners. His views coincided with theirs when it came to antisemitism and reactionary politics. The churches were craven enough to ally with anyone claiming to be anti-communist no matter how loathsome.

    Resistance by religious figures never had the support of their churches. Their higher ups frequently persecuted their own or offered them up to the Nazis. A few people offering token resistance does not absolve the misdeeds of the entire churches involved.

    The Spanish Fascists, Belgian Rexists, and Croatian Ustasche relied on appeals to Catholicism to urge people to fight on behalf of the Nazis and commit atrocities. Islamic appeals to support the Nazis were common in Bosnia and North Africa.

  • Terry

    Funny how a purportedly perfect being made such humans with such a proclivity to do crazy violence.

    Get over your delusions already. Your god isn’t weeping. Your god doesn’t exist.

  • B.G. Simons

    The basic problem is tribalism vs. God. God created the whole world. He made Abraham a blessing to all nations and gave the moral law to Moses as a blessing to all nations. Jesus sent the moral law to all nations; some have accepted it and some haven’t.
    The problem comes when a nation feels threatened and fears that its survival is at stake because it is surrounded by enemies. Then it reverts to tribalism and starts to see every other tribe as a threat to its survival.
    Only when we see things from God’s point of view do we realize that we are all equally God’s people and we were all meant to bless each other.
    Until we live in God’s kingdom it is a primitive Darwinian struggle for the survival of the fittest tribe. Regardless of the label you use, it is tribalism vs. God.