Pope comes ‘home’ to South America to defend planet and the poor

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Pope Francis greets a crowd from the Popemobile in Quito, Ecuador.

Pope Francis greets a crowd from the Popemobile in Quito, Ecuador, July 5, 2015. Pope Francis landed in Ecuador's capital Quito on Sunday to begin an eight-day tour of South America that will also include visits to Bolivia and Paraguay. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Gary Granja

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QUITO (Reuters) Tens of thousands lined the streets as Francis' motorcade drove into the city, some pushing through a police line. Well-wishers threw gifts at the popemobile, including two live white doves.

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  • Betty Clermont

    Pope Francis appointed Peruvian Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani to his Council on the Economy. “Under his leadership, the Archdiocese of Lima became an investor in the stocks of one of the most controversial mining companies, Yanacocha, which sparked the mobilization of large-scale environmental social movement in the country. ‘Cirpriani has always sided with businesses and the government in office … We have never heard him defending a community that is confronting a mine or a company for pollution. His voice is not on the side of indigenous peoples or farming communities.’ Cipriani was a staunch supporter of former head of state Alberto Fujimori, who is currently serving in prison for crimes against humanity.” http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Peruvian-Archbishop-Has-Stock-in-Controversial-Mining-Company–20150623-0034.html

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    The comment by Ms Clermont, if accurate, should cause Pope Francis to appoint someone who truly speaks for the poor and the environment.
    It is reported that the Pope himself chose these three countries to visit. Let him show true devotion to YAH’SHUA, (Jesus), then, by his appointments in the Vatican which will further the ideas he says he espouses.
    Let Pope Francis understand that “showmanship” will not win people to Christ (the MESSIAH), but only authentic love of God and neighbor.

  • Sister Mary Elephant

    Sis Gerry, so showmanship will win authentic love of God huh? You better go find yerself a showman or three…

  • Jabber

    Your first clue of her cluelessness could have been that Sister Hairy Geraldo couldn’t find the reply button.