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  • Kar La

    I’m Kar La Ro Na CC32 Michelle Tieta the RepentBot and today my name to bother you with is Tieta. I must spam you often with my Repent! spam or I will implode.
    Repent! Bring out your dead! Repent!
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    Or just don’t bother. It makes no difference. (with apologies to Monty Python)

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    Once again, Pope Francis has told it like it is! Why leaders of any nation think they can get ahead by oppressing anyone has always been a mystery to me!
    Let the people rule through their lawfully elected representatives! And always take care of the most vulnerable of society:The young, the frail elderly, and anyone else in need of help.
    Do you want to be successful? Rule with justice and equity. NO SPECIAL INTERESTS, NO BRIBERY, NO CORRUPTION OF ANY KIND!

  • Be Brave

    Is there a south or central American country that isn’t filthy, corrupted and violent? These countries have drunk the koolaid of hatred towards the USA but make the corruption of our political Right Wing and Left Wing look like boys (er I’m sorry for the bigotry) um, I mean young persons that “identify as male” look like Boy Scouts. Well, I guess that’s a bad analogy ‘cuz our leftists hate the Boy Scouts.

    Anyway, why doesn’t the Pope take the logs out of the eyes of the Central and South Americans where classism existed long before capitalism . . . and then address capitalism and whatever.

  • Betty Clermont

    Fortunately for the pope, most of the generations brutalized by the Church-supported Latin American military dictatorships of the 1970s and 80s have died.

  • Doc Anthony

    Nothing wrong with inviting a gay activist to hear the Pope preach, but…

    …The problem is that it’s still not clear what THIS pope actually believes or not. (What some of the higher-ups in the Vatican believe is clear, but not actually the Pope himself. Francis has notoriously kept his own mouth shut regarding the recent legalization tragedies in Ireland and America.)

    Gay Activist Cazal’s response was somewhat guarded, but you can see that HE is expecting to see even more good things (good for gay activism, that is!) from this Pope.

    Not a good sign for either Catholic or Protestant Christianity. We’re both in trouble.

    Anyway, let’s just keep on watching. I’m sure this Pope has more surprises up his sleeve. (Possibly unpleasant!)

  • All possible economic models are on a continuum between the vertical economy at one end and the horizontal economy at the other. The vertical is self-destructive and the horizontal is self-creative. Judging by the level of self-destruction our current economy is obviously near the vertical end of the continuum. If we were to raze the vertical economy there would be a transition through better and better economic models. The Pope should clarify which of these better economic models he prefers and justify stopping before we get to the best. http://thelastwhy.ca/poems/2012/12/13/economy.html

  • ben in oakland

    Why leaders of any nation think they can get ahead by oppressing anyone has always been a mystery to me!

    except for them dirty homosekshuals.

  • ben in oakland

    spoken by someone who has never been there or read the history.

  • The Great God Pan

    Simon Cazal should have his official Gay Rights Activist card revoked for appearing at such an event. The Pope has said in no uncertain terms that he is waging a “war of God” against gay rights. His ultimate goal for all non-celibate gay people can only be what is prescribed in the Bible: death.

    No Pope is a friend to LGBT people. No Pope can be. “Progressive” varieties of Christianity can only be ruses or passing fads.

  • Fran

    “Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.” (Psalm

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