US pastor held in Iran overlooked in nuclear deal, his wife laments

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Saeed Abedini, a U.S. pastor was arrested In Iran in 2012.

Saeed Abedini, a U.S. pastor was arrested In Iran in 2012.

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Iranian-American Saeed Abedini was sentenced by an Iranian court in 2013 to eight years in prison for allegedly compromising Iran's national security by setting up home-based Christian churches there.

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  • Contending for the Faith

    This was a deal struck between Muslims.

    B. Hussein is content with that.

  • MarkE

    Let’s see – Christian pastor goes into a country we don’t have diplomatic relations with, using his dual-citizenship as his means of entrance. He goes about setting up house churches for spreading Christianity in a nation that forbids such acts, even/especially by its own citizens. So he is arrested and charged. Yet it is somehow the President’s fault that he’s still in prison, still publicly charged with crimes in his native country, and that his release/salvation should stall negotiations intended to forestall war in that part of the world.

    I understand his wife’s desperate concern, but they had to know going in that this was a possibility (a good probability) of happening. Now they want Uncle Sam to come to the rescue. Well, guess what – if Pastor Abedini believes that God sent him to save Iranian souls, he needs to remember that God didn’t remove the cost of martyrdom from all those other missionaries who were sent out. And it they’re not willing to face the price,…

  • MarkE

    So, you’re complaining that Iran is unfair?? Really”? That’s what you’re basing your argument on? Of course they’re unfair. But they were open and upfront about it – there should be no surprise here. And the pastor has kept dual citizenship – he retains the rights and responsibilities of both nations he claims his own. What did he think would happen when those two oppose each other? Look, the apostolic ministry (being sent out, as a missionary) has always been a high-cost line of work – of the original 12+, they all died at the hands of rulers opposed to their message and work. Why did Abedini think he could get off scot-free? I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to negotiate his release, but let’s not be naive about the situation he got himself into. After all, HE WENT INTO IRAN TO MAKE CHRISTIANS OF MUSLIMS!!!

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    One aspect of the brutalization of Christians in the Middle East and Iran is that it has made many Christians of all kinds regard each other more strongly as brothers and sisters in Christ. For as the pope said::: before killing, torturing, or jailing a Christian, Islamic terrorists don’t ask what church their victim is a member of.

  • Larry

    “Even if he was converting, what is wrong with that?”

    Its foolhardy in a country which is a known fundamentalist state.

    I don’t see any reason for the US to step in and rescue him. He knew those were the risks in doing the mission work. There should be no surprise in what happened to him.

    Now because of such efforts, we are going to wind up ponying up a substantial political bribe under the table to get him back. Good grief.

  • Larry

    I would say the same thing to suicidal fools who leave Bibles lying around in North Korea. The results always are that the US ends up paying for Kim Jong Un’s new home theater system/execution chambers in exchange for getting the person out of prison.

    Missionaries can be a selfish bunch.

  • Larry

    So we are going to wind up subsidizing new supplies of weapons for Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Sadr Brigades in order to spring this guy from the pokie.

  • Doc Anthony

    Actually Larry, Obama’s so-called “deal with Iran” DOES THAT ALREADY, except for one thing: Iran gets lots of fresh $$$$$$$$$ to $ubsidize all those terror groups, WITHOUT Iran having to give up a single hostage. At all.

    It’s a perfect score for Iran, and a perfect “Own Goal” for that 97-pound weakling community-organizer Obama.

    And Pastor Saeed? He’s as good as dead already, barring a miracle. Everybody knows it. His heartbroken family is appealing to the absolute TOTALLY wrong president for any aid with this Pastor.

    You see, Obama’s a peacenik, not a warrior. Iranians don’t listen to peaceniks, except to score big jackpots like what Peacenik Obama is giving away to them.

    When Reagan dialed up the Iranians, they knew they either bow or burn, on the spot. They bowed. But when Obama dialed them up, they just laughed and said “Sure, infidel, let’s make a deal. We get the big money and you get Door #3 (a stinky goat). But no hostages for YOU.”

  • Larry

    “When Reagan dialed up the Iranians, they knew they either bow or burn, on the spot. They bowed.”

    We paid them off with weapons. Remember Iran/Contra?

  • Maymay

    There’s no such thing as a Muslim missionary. Get your facts straight. The Koran forbids imposing your faith on others.

  • Titus

    I shocked that anyone here has problems with the deal. Personally if I where that pastor I would freely give up my life. Why, because the forces at play here are too monumental to justify my life. Obama’s No.1 priority must and should be preventing a nuclear arms race. Whats the life of one pastor when the lives of potential millions are at stake, there is no rationality in jeopardizing the terms for that mans life. he should have know the dangers when he went there.