• Kim

    So gracefully and eloquently said, David! We definitely need class, not a$$, to lead our great nation.

  • Another great article, Dr. Gushee. Always looks forward to your commentaries.
    Cynthia J.

  • Jack

    Very good article, but I hope you will apply the same rigorous standards to politicians on the left.

    Sometimes you appear to be too eager to please the cultural powers that be.

    God wants us to measure our words, but He also wants us to speak truth to power and not seek to ingratiate ourselves with others simply because we want to be “in with the ‘in’ crowd.”

  • Larry

    When you find a Democrat candidate as uncivil and as prone to gaffes like Trump, feel free to point them out. Outside of the unintentional hilarity of Hilary, its a tough order to fill.

    Generally Republican candidates have the lock on saying really stupid things on the campaign trail. The plethora of Bible thumpers, nativists and gun lobby fana assures this.

  • Jack

    Trump is a buffoon and Hillary is like a singer who is never on key, so it’s apples vs. oranges.

    But the issue here is character and there are plenty of Democratic politicians whose character is at Trump’s level or worse. Harry Reid comes to mind. He is truly a low-life….and he would be the same if he were a conservative Republican. That former GOP governor Sanford is in the same boat.

    I’m not sure whether Nancy Pelosi is as low as Reid is…..I think she has a few screws loose and probably has no idea how zany she appears.

    As for Hillary, she’s an old-fashioned Nixon-like character….cuts corners and connives her way through life but has no social skills or charm and can’t come across as authentic no matter how hard she tries. She’s not as morally corrupt as Reid nor as loony as Pelosi, but she’s problematic enough. That’s why Obama beat her in 2008.