• Comedians are funny because they have a keen sense of the absurd. Religions are a bountiful source of material. http://thelastwhy.ca/poems/2013/1/25/religion.html

  • Larry

    Having a sense of humor is like being good in bed. It is so important that everyone claims it. Even if it is untrue.

  • Gene Chorney

    The badkhan also has a counterpart in Western literature, where the role is played the Fool or Court Jester and their functions are also similar.

  • Shalom Freedman

    Vulgar, foul-mouthed, crude. Without any real connection to Jewish religious values but rather in contradiction to many.
    Perhaps a Rabbi should stand for something else beside the worship of Success.

  • neil robinson

    Humor, like beauty, is in the ear/ eye of the beholder. If every body had the same
    reaction, what a dull life we would live. I am a Rev. , and have known Rabbis that are very dry , and others who are very lively, both have their place, Are we all one under God ?

  • Gary Niblock

    Blisteringly honest and direct, Amy pulls no punches when it comes to modern day culture and sex. She makes public our private parts literally and figuratively. Not everyone is comfortable with that. My impression is that her act is sitting around with her closest girlfriends talking about the way things really are about things people rarely talk about.. Entertaining, refreshing, very funny and sometimes…very uncomfortable.

  • Sarah

    I don’t like how you’re telling personal information about your congregation. Seems very wrong to me to talk about her family to try and get some fame for yourself.

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  • Lacey

    Rabbi Salkin has plenty of fame; I hardly think he’s “trying to get some” for himself.

  • Charles

    As a 64 year old “kid” whose heroes were Jonathan Winters, Richard Pryor, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, I have to confess (I’m also catholic!) that I’ve made intentional attempts at “getting” Amy Schumer’s schtick, so to speak. The same goes for Sarah Silverman. What’s confounding to me is that just last night my wife and I just Netflixed Dave Atell’s standup video and we literally howled uncontrollably at his outrageous wit and acumen. And were I to weigh the volume of Atell’s indiscreet rantings versus those of Schumer and Silverman combined, Atell would be propelled down all the way to China, and the gals trajectory toward the heavens. Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller never provoked barriers by overtly sexual, ball-busting, worse-than-a-sailor saltiness, but they dealt with gender identity and men’s duplicity with a wink-wink edge on. So, should we conclude that audiences of all stripes, despite trying, cannot divorce the message from the medium, who have curvaceous…

  • Eliezer Pennywhistler

    “he badkhan – the jester, who had an honored role in traditional Jewish society. His job was to make fun of couples at their weddings — even telling the bride that she was ugly, or disparaging the couple’s wedding gifts.”

    Uh, no. The badkhan role to to make the bride glad (through laughter). He would NEVER (and does never) tell the bride she is ugly … which is a violation of Jewish law.

  • Eliezer Pennywhistler

    Fools and court jesters were real ….. In royal courts.

  • charles hoffman

    while this nondescript and otherwise inconsequential temple was churning out 3rd-tier comedians, its neighbor in Lynbrook was home to the most erudite speaker of the second half of the twentieth century/

    It’s a question as to what matters – a good laugh or a meaningful sermon

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  • charlie

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there is nothing wrong with telling of past experiences.