Utah governor orders state agencies to stop disbursing federal funds to Planned Parenthood

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A protester leaves after demonstrating outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Vista, California, on August 3, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Mike Blake
*Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-UTAH-PP, originally transmitted on August 17, 2015.

A protester leaves after demonstrating outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Vista, California, on August 3, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Mike Blake *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-UTAH-PP, originally transmitted on August 17, 2015.

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Other government agencies and nonprofits will still provide education and prevention programs for sexually transmitted diseases, he said.

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  • Larry

    Because nothing says pro-life than making it harder for women to obtain cancer and STD screenings.

    Without PP, we would be without:

    -Around 3.7 million STI tests and 700,000 HIV tests, along with treatment for more than 43,000 patients testing positive

    -Over 490,000 pap smears, 38,000 HPV vaccinations, and 39,000 procedures to remove abnormal and potentially cancerous tissue from the cervix

    -Upwards of 500,000 breast exams, a crucial element in catching and treating breast cancer

    -The staffing and resources of more than 700 health care centers across the nation, serving over 2.7 million patients, 80% of whom are living more than 150% below the poverty line

  • Dsc

    That money can go to other organizations to provide those same services.

  • Larry

    But it won’t. Nor are their organizations doing the same thing to the same extent present to deal with those who will be denied access to clinical needs from this.

    Of course it’s not as if these conservative politicians give a flying crap about the healthcare (or lives in general) of poor women. It’s all about pandering to fetus worshiping voters.

  • Dsc

    There are 79 free or low cost health clinics in Utah according to freeclinics.com. The only thing these clinics aren’t doing that PP is doing is abortions.

    (In anticipation of a possible objection, I know Planned parenthood doesn’t provide abortion in Utah, but it does elsewhere, and the argument that the funds won’t be used for abortion is silly, since money is all fungible. Funding one part of the organization frees up funds from other sources to be used to provide abortions)

  • Deacon John M Bresnahan

    There is something weird about how some people defend PP no matter how evil ,greedy,and destructive their actions are.in many situations.

  • Greg1

    Indeed, good Deacon. It is as if the Devil himself were writing those posts. But yes, another victory for Life. When Republicans at the federal level display their wimpy true selves, it takes a strong governor to strip these abortion mills of their federal freebies. Four states down, and 46 to go. It is time for PP to be on the other end of an abortion for a change. But … take the money we’ve stripped from Murder Inc., and give it to other more noble women’s clinics.

  • Larry

    So limiting the choices of women seeking clinics is helping them? Due to the Hyde Amendment it is already a given that PP can’t use government money towards abortion efforts. That list of 79 clinics is not exclusive of Planned Parenthood.

    If you know PP does not do abortions in Utah, then you are fully aware there is no reasonable cause for closing down their clinics except spite against the organization and its client base. There is certainly no reasonable basis for such measures even in the skewed hysterical POV of the anti-abortion crowd.

    Closing down funding in Utah will cause the poor in the state to suffer. You are merely trying to rationalize an action you know to be misbegotten and inevitably harmful

  • Larry

    Mostly because hysteric zealots like yourself like to flat out lie about them in your efforts to attack the organization. Christians love harming people in service of their agendas. Why should they care? God will absolve them of their malicious actions. Right?

  • Greg1

    The organization has spoken for itself in their recent video expose. And in the hierarchy of evil, their destruction of life trumps any “good” they might do. To tout the breast exams they shop out, while turning a blind eye to their extermination of our youngest children, reveals a society that is emotionally dead, full of intellect, but devoid of compassion.

  • Larry

    The videos you keep dishonestly touting as evidence against PP which was nothing of the sort. I guess your mantra is “Repeat a lie often enough and people will consider it true”,

    Abortion is legal. Banning never made it go away. If you gave a flying crap about what drives women towards abortion, then there would be fewer of them. But care for actual born people is well beyond your capabilities. Christians like yourself only seem to love humanity while it is gestating and attacks them after being born.

  • Doc

    There are seven PP clinics in Utah, all of which are in the most populated areas where there are other clinics. I think the other 72 (assuming PP is counted among that–I admit I didn’t check) can pick up the slack, even if PP were to totally shut down.

    There is a perfectly good reason for the state to cut funding even if abortions aren’t provided in Utah: the state does not want to support an organization whose behavior works against the public policy of the state. The state should not support anything that violates its public policy, even if the activity is legal. It’s why we have the Hyde amendment. As I explained before, funds are fungible, so even if abortions aren’t provided in Utah, cutting funding makes it harder for PP to perform abortions elsewhere. Were it not for the anti-constitutional case of Roe v. Wade, the state could fully implement its public policy and fully protect life.

  • Greg1

    What keeps people away from abortion is the very thing you keep railing against, and that is a society which embraces our Lord’s precepts, and order of life. What ever happened to the “self evident” truth of “Life” in the Declaration of Independence? You guys toss it as far as you can throw it. No, Larry, only when man decides to listen to Almighty God, and embrace his ways, will ALL evil come to an end. And abortion is evil, plain and simple.

  • Larry

    Still comes down to an action with no rational basis with a significant negative impact on the most vulnerable populations of the state.

    There is no talk of diverting the funds to other clinics or opening up more to take up the slack. So you are just engaging in wishful conjecture or weak rationalization.

    PP has done nothing to warrant such treatment other than become the subject of a defamatory dishonest attack. All as part of a conservative hysteria campaign.

  • Dsc

    PP destroys fetal lives and sells the body parts for research. Legal or not, it’s reprehensible. Don’t give me any of this PP hasn’t done anything nonsense.

  • Dsc

    PS, I can think of no more vulnerable population than the unborn. Your call to protect the vulnerable is ironic to say the least.

  • Larry

    Except in Utah as already noted. Neither do state funds go towards those efforts anyway. Nor it does not sell body parts. That was an outright lie. One that was refuted the day those hit-piece videos came out.

    If the anti-abortion crowd has such a moral and reasonably defensible position, they would not have to lie so much and as often as they do. Lying is second nature to the anti-abortion rhetoric. My favorite one is when they say they support it in situations of rape and medical necessity. Of course when such situations actually come up, they change their tune or come up with excuses why they changed their mind. Its always safe to assume a “pro lifer” is full of crap.

    “PS, I can think of no more vulnerable population than the unborn.”

    Look a bit harder. Like the lives which keep the unborn alive. The ones you ignore or pretend don’t exist in your irrational hysterical fetus worship. The lives you want to attack with such fact-free hysterical irrational rhetoric.

  • Larry

    Which has a success rate of ZERO!

    Bible thumping has never reduced abortion rates nor created situations which made the choice of having an abortion less likely.

  • Greg1

    Success rate of Zero? The day man, as a civilization, honestly turns to God, Abortion would end, as would thievery, fornication, etc. etc. It would be a well ordered society.

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  • Dsc

    Larry, your sweeping generalizations and inability to address the points I’ve already brought up indicate to me that you are not one prone to rational thought. Money is fungible; if you keep ignoring that point because you don’t know what that means, might I suggest a dictionary. There is in fact talk about redirecting funds. In fact, that’s all this is about. No one is talking about overall budget cuts. Since that is the case, the money still has to go to the purpose for which it was appropriated, which is general health. These other facilities are already getting funds. Cutting PP out of it simply means the other clinics will get more.

    And if you really think that a breathing, physically mobile human being healthy enough to conceive a child is more vulnerable than a pre-born person, you’re beyond hope.