• Jack

    Yes, one day it all will be different. The lion will lie down with the lamb and Abraham’s children will be reconciled.

    But for now, Ramallah is Ramallah, a place where Israelis have been slaughtered and where some of its people rejoiced after the 9/11 attacks on America.

    And as for far-left western anti-Zionism, Jews need to play more hard ball:

    They need to make clear that given the existence of a Jewish state, anti-Zionism advocates its destruction — meaning the death of millions of Jews….exactly what anti-Semites have always wanted.

  • Doc Anthony



    (and if you’ll be honest, the Obama White House too.)

  • Alexandra Jünemann

    They didn’t single him out as a Jew. They singled him out because he has made anti-Palestinian statements in the past. Big difference.

  • Shifra

    There is no such place as “(Palestinian) East Jerusalem” – any more than there is still an East Berlin.

    Jerusalem was split in two during the 19-year Jordanian Occupation. That ended in 1967. There is exactly one and only one Jerusalem, east west north and south, and ALL OF IT IS IN ISRAEL.

    Jerusalem is no longer a divided city. WAKE UP!

  • Garson Abuita

    What anti-Palestinian statements did Matisyahu make? I couldn’t find any. What you’re really saying is that he made pro-Israel statements. To be pro-Israel in BDS’s mind is to be anti-Palestinian. It’s part of their “no normalization of Israel” campaign, something most Arab and Muslim countries gave up over 20 years ago. A sad state of affairs that must be resisted.

  • Jack

    Good point, Shifra.

    And that leads to another point…..While Israel has always been ready, willing, and able to make land concessions (not including Jerusalem for obvious reasons) for genuine peace, it is not morally obligated to do so. It is open to land-for-peace because it has a humane people who prefer the arts of peace to the senseless and destructive horrors of war. But Israel must push back hard against the neurotic, guilt-ridden, historically flawed view that it owes its enemies land.

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    Nothing honest about anonymous slanderer “Doc Anthony” here.


  • Tjerk Muller

    Daniel Sieradski has a compelling piece on Matisyahu’s political stances on the Jewschool site, called ‘Thoughts on Matisyahu and BDS’.

    For more information, one may also look at the timeline of Max Blumenthal, who points to Matisyahu promoting a video of Likud minister Danny Ayalon defending the occupation of the West Bank, or as he likes to call it ‘Judea and Samaria’.

    Blumenthal also points out Matisyahu’s support for the Temple Restoration movement (which wants to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque), his performing for Israeli Army fundraisers, AIPAC, and right-wing Christian Zionists.

    So yes, Matisyahu is getting called out by BDS for his awful political stances, not so much because he’s Jewish.

    A while back, I found the good rabbi turned out to be quite ill-informed on the Iran-deal, now he shoots himself in the foot on this Matisyahu matter; maybe rabbi Salkin should stick to topics he actually has expertise on, like, for instince, how Judaism can enrich people’s…

  • Free Palestine


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