• John W

    ISIS are nothing to do with Islam but some nutjobs calling themselves “White Power” are definitely Christians. OK got it

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  • Science not in

    This reporter has apparently bought into Islamist propaganda. Muslim hadiths allow for and even encourage Muslims to deceive non-Muslims with propaganda as part of the strategy for establishing the caliphate — a tactic known as “taqiyyah,” or allowable lying. Their lack of outcry against IS and the like implies tacit consent, so they are not without blame. The eschatology of all factions of Islam call for all non-Muslims to be either converted or killed in order to bring about the apocalypse and the arrival of the al Mahdi. Stop the Orwellian new-speak calling Islam a religion of peace, and stop the persecution of Christians!

  • WTG

    Daoud Abudiab has it backwards. The biggest threat in the U.S. from militant individuals is not Christians, it is Muslims. And it is getting more and more serious everyday. Damage control doesn’t work for people in the know, Mr. Abudiab. The threat is real!

  • Thanks everyone for elevating the conversation.

  • Deacon John M Bresnahan

    They have either bought the Islamic propaganda or are afraid they will be the next media or Hollywood person to be targeted by Islamists.
    Doesn’t it strike some as weird that so many of today’s action movies live in the past with Nazi or Communist white stock Europeans usually the evil ones. I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for Hollywood to dramatize the heroics of young American heroes on a European train.??. Isn’t it time for Hollywood and the media to update who they portray as today’s threat to all of us???.

  • Ben in oakland

    Your comment wins the Internet today. Thank you for saying in a few words what I was going to use my 1000 characters to say, not as well.

    The real problem is radical religion, whatever the stripe. The real problem is the people who say, “God said it. I believe it, That settles it. And if you don’t believe me, I’m going to hurt you. These are the people that are not willing to live in peace with their neighbors.

    As I read the regular posters here, there is a distinct group whose mantra seems to be, “we are The only true Christians. The rest of you are fake, and dangerous. You will receive your comeuppance from the particular, peculiar version of God that I believe in, because his thoughts mirror mine.”

    Not surprisingly, God created man in his own image. And the not surprisingly man, being a gentleman, return the compliment.

    A pox on all of their houses!

  • Jon

    This article’s main point is that many Muslims are not doing enough to prevent radicalization, and as such is definitely not mollycoddling Islam.

    Yet, comment after comment seem to be demanding that any mention of Islam be very negative, and that Christian radicalization should be mollycoddled & denied.

    Sorry, but anyone familiar with atrocities, both today and going back to the middle ages, knows that Christianity and Islam are both very much involved, and for similar reasons.

    This is a good, and a brave, article. Thanks.

  • Be Fair

    The biggest threat to America is neither “Christians” or “Muslims” is America itself.

    When you are the biggest kid in school by far, you have choices to make. You can be a bully or you can be a gentle giant. Which ever you choose, it will be noticed, hence with power comes responsibilities.
    And it is the same in international politics. A little country that has a couple of errant citizens making a pain of themselves on the world stage hardly rates a mention, but it’s not a luxury that is afforded the biggest international player on the block.

    By all means enjoy being a major player on the world stage, but do it with graciousness, caring for the less fortunate not trying to exploit them. Then the rest of the world will afford America more respect.

  • Reality Check

    Spot on. Well said.

  • Thecla

    The biggest threat to America, and the civilized world generally, is from individuals who have not acheived or have rejected Modernity. Modernity is the rejection of unchosen traditional norms in favor of maximizing choice, the affirmation of equal rights for men and women, and program of minimizing the the extent to which unchosen characteristics determine the lives people live. It is the worldview of perhaps 20% of the US population–roughly the population of individuals with 4-year college degrees or better, perhaps 5% of the populations of 3rd world countries, and most of the population of Western European social democracies.

    The enemy is the pre-modern/anti-modern lower classes and peasantry–whatever their religious conviction. So, sorry for the political incorrectness, but let’s be honest–it isn’t only or primarily Muslims. It’s the uneducated lower classes generally and young lower class males in particular.

  • Bernardo

    To the nitty-gritty:

    No Muslim anywhere can be trusted as long as they believe the koran is the word of Allah.