Israel ‘too small’ to accept Syrian refugees, says Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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The prime minister suggested the refugees, mostly Muslim, would upset the demographic balance in the Jewish state. An opposition leader called accepting the refugees a moral duty.

  • Observer

    Too small? Really? Or maybe the wrong religion/ ethnic group?
    I am sure a few thousand could easily be absorbed.

  • Susan

    It is very un-Jewish. This past Saturday we read the Torah portion Ki Tavo, which includes commands of welcoming the stranger. It also reminds Jews that they were strangers in Egypt.

    I don’t see the US offering to take in any Syrian refugees.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    “You were once strangers in the land of Egypt, ” as Susan notes. Israel should welcome as many refugees as possible.

    Show the world the mercy that was not shown to the Jewish people!

  • Langford_PO

    Lebanon, a country half the size of Israel and with a population about half the size of Israel’s, has taken in 1.1 million Syrian refugees. It would be very kind of Israel to emulate Lebanon.

  • The Jews were never in Egypt as the Torah says. Even Israeli archaeologists have discounted the Biblical story.

    Israel should remember some very “small countries” gave refuge to Jews during the Nazi years. Apparently N-yahoo can’t even take a few families of Syrians – even as a token? Yet Israel begs for more Jews to move there to keep the demographics favorable?

    As someone who strongly supports Israel I find all this appalling. Israel is looking less like a democratic state and more like an exclusive club under N-yahoo.

  • Be Brave

    Taking in Muslims by Jewish Israelis (or any non-Muslims person or people groups) would be like Jewish sympathizers of WWII taking in Gestapo agents and their families. As soon as they gain back power and control these helpless refugees will turn on their benefactors and kill them.

    History is a very demanding teacher. And Muslims have been utterly hostile to non-Muslims age after age.

  • Susan

    Max, I know that there is no archeological proof that the exodus ever happened. There was an Egyptian occupation of Canaan at some point in history. The story could have developed from that. However, that does not lessen the power of the story as moral guidance.

  • Susan

    Be Brave, do you know the history of Muslim Spain? Jews and Muslims lived together peacefully. Jewish culture thrived and experienced a golden age. This was a tolerant branch of Islam that was eventually overthrown by a fanatic group of Moroccan tribesmen who overran parts of Spain.

    But the persecution of Jews didn’t really begin until the Christians conquered Spain. You need to look at the history of Christian treatment of Jews over the centuries.

  • @BB,

    “Muslims…are Gestapo”

    You complain about ‘bigotry against religionists’ yet you engage in exactly that…. and without irony!

    There is nothing wrong with “Muslims” and it is bigoted and ignorant to say there is. Islam, like Christianity, is a horrible theory – but that is not to judge its victims. To hate a prison is not to hate its prisoners.

  • Jack

    Funny, isn’t it, how Jews support massive racial and ethnic integration in every predominately white country on Earth, yet are busy creating a massively segregated, apartheid state for themselves.

  • @Susan,

    “that does not lessen the power of the story as moral guidance.”

    If you are going to pick stories for moral guidance might I suggest Schindler’s List? Or Catcher in the Rye? There are much better books than the Exodus story with its “virtuous rapes, slaveries & genocides”. The victor of Exodus is a destructive, perverse, fictional tyrant. I see no morality in that.

    “Religion is a facade. We need something else…Goodness, kindness, love, honesty.”
    – Nicholas Winton

    Known as the British Oscar Shindler, Winton (also like Schindler) was an Atheist who saved hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust.

  • Larry

    Yep. Israel’s behavior during Syria’s civil war and the ISIS invasion of Iraq has been terrible.

    They are standing idly while their neighbors deal with refugees. This is the same country which airlifted people from Ethiopia and even Muslim from Bosnia. This is just shameful. If you are going to hurl defamatory accusations that Israel is an apartheid state, this is more fuel for the fire.

  • @Jack,

    “Jews…they are busy creating..”

    Bigoted nonsense!
    When you claim an entire group you are being a bigot. All Jews do not support this policy – you are bigoted to claim they all do.

  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    but not too small for endless streams of Zionist extremists to settle Gaza.

  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    “moral guidance” is a bit of a stretch – especially considering how many Egyptians who had nothing to do with the Pharaoh’s intransigence lost their first-born or died in the Red Sea – or both. Pretty putrid moral guidance if you ask me.

  • Susan

    Daniel Berry, there are no settlers left in Gaza. Israel pulled out of Gaza and forced the settlers out. Then Hamas kicked the Fatah forces out and took over.

    Jack, you can’t even tell the difference between Jews and Arabs in Israel. About half of all Israeli Jews are from Arab countries. There is also a lot of disagreement and argument over the present government policies. Israel is not a perfect country, but it is not an apartheid state.

  • Lynnda

    The U.S. has only taken in 1500 but we have given 4 billion dollars I think we are discussing taking more in