Will Vatican and Palestinian flags both fly at U.N. when Pope Francis speaks?

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Members of the faithful wave Palestinian flags before Pope Francis leads a ceremony for the canonization of two Palestininan nuns, Marie Alphonsine Ghattas, founder of the first Catholic congregation in Palestine, and Mariam Baouardy Haddad, who established a Carmelite convent in Bethlehem.


Members of the faithful wave Palestinian flags. The Vatican is unclear whether it will fly its own flag beside the Palestinian one at the United Nations. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Tony Gentile

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The U.N. General Assembly is due to vote on Thursday on a resolution pushed by Palestinians to have its flag and other non-member observers' flags, including the Vatican's, fly at U.N. headquarters where Pope Francis is set to speak this month.

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  • The real question is this:

    Why invite the Pope to speak at the U.N. but not the Leprechaun Emissary or the Mermaid Ambassador?

    Seriously. The world is practically dying from religion yet we honor pause to honor its leaders? Ridiculous.

    The Middle East Theocracies are so poorly governed they have created the largest mass migration in history.
    The migrants are rushing to the Atheist countries: Austria, Germany, Norway, France…..but the religious countries will take none of them; Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt will take none of them.

    People have a right to religion – but ridiculous beliefs should be laughed at, not honored.

  • Fran

    Why are flags, even reflecting a church, necessary? Flags are so divisive, as is nationalism, and they are just another form of idolatry in today’s world (Exodus 20:4; 1 Corinth. 10:14; Luke 4:8).