Male Adventist pastors forgo ordination credentials in solidarity with unordained women

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Pastor Kymone Hinds. Photo courtesy of Hannak Banks

Pastor Kymone Hinds. Photo courtesy of Hannak Banks

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(RNS) The act of protest has occurred in several states across the U.S. after the global denomination voted in July not to allow its regional church bodies to ordain women pastors.

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  • Stefan Burton-Schnüll

    Kudos to my colleagues, who inspire me to consider doing the same.
    If our female colleagues cannot join us in the house of ordination, then I should join them in the yard of commissioning.

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  • John

    The opposition to women’s ordination is based on the Bible. Although (in the Bible) women fill many high positions, ordained ministers have always been men – since Gods appointment of Aaron and his sons, Once Adventist crack open the proverbial door to women’s ordination, it will lead to more changes that are based on secular political correctness.

    Hegel’s Dialectic ( thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis ) has been a very useful tool in bringing about the “gradual” subversion pursued by the Fabian Society since 1884. For those who understand it, the evidence of that is clear and undeniable in this situation.

    For those who are not familiar with these things, I highly suggest you step out of your proverbial fish bowl and do some research.

  • E. Thomas

    Nonsense! No difference in duty nor pay but in privileges and authority. Shold they be in office at all then if they can go this far but not able to advance like the other workers in the field? After all this is a vocation. No one was “anointed” to the position. This is a field of study open to all and no barriers were placed before women entering the ministry so why stop at ordination, except for political reason of course.

  • S De Febles

    Cudos to the those who do this. SHAME. SHAME SHAME on the Adventist church for subjugating women.

  • JRMorin

    Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17, 18. “Prophesy” refers to preaching. If you would take the Hebrew laws and practices literally, I hope you are following the Levitical laws to the letter.

  • joey

    Your comment demonstrates that you have a limited understanding of the Bible, which says nothing about ‘ordination’ (a modern construct), but clearly demonstrates Paul’s co-partnership with women in ministry. Your knowledge of church history also seems to be inadequate, since women were ordained to leadership positions (i.e. as abbesses in double monasteries) into the medieval era. Hegel has nothing to do with this issue. Check your assumptions, which seem to be based upon sexist bias.

  • Sandra Brown

    Less time babysitting and watching TV and being a part of pop culture!
    I would like to see solidarity in visiting members. Going out to visit the sick. Warning the world that Jesus is about to leave the most holy place. Heralding the soon coming of the Lord by teaching the members how to witness for their Lord. That’s what I’d like to see.

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  • Ken

    The very fact of the Leprosy of Mariam, should be enough to settle the question.
    God makes the choice NOT man or culture.

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