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  • Doc Anthony

    Here’s the problem: Vicious,convicted murderers can be sentenced to death in Kansas, but that doesn’t mean a thing unless people are willing to get up and actually ENFORCE that sentence. And they really aren’t.

    Making matters worse is the fact that the Obama Supreme Court appears to be signaling a new willingness to oppose the death penalty if given the proper (as in politically safe) opportunity.

    So now there is some real uncertainty, both now and in the foreseeable future.
    If murderer Cross can “stall everybody” long enough, there is a very real chance that he could, as with some other convicted murderers, get away with NO death penalty at all.

    Instead of yapping about how his spirit “will rise from the grave”, Cross simply needs to take advantage of the current mollycoddling liberalism, like most other crooks do.

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  • Larry

    Doc, your post is a parade of fact-free arglebargle.

    Obama and his supreme court has nothing to do with this case. It is purely a state matter. The death penalty costs states more than life without possibility of parole and is far more punitive than making this m0r0n a white supremacist martyr.

    What you call “stalling” is more honestly called Due Process. One which favors white people and those with money above all others. Granted, I have no problem with giving people like Cross the death penalty. He truly is the worst of the worst.

    Too bad he is not typical of those on Death Rows throughout the country. Many are there on shaky evidence and usually were poorly represented.

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  • Mike

    Also, the “Obama Supreme Court” was appointed by:
    Barack Obama (2)
    George W. Bush (2)
    Bill Clinton (2)
    George H. W. Bush (1)
    Ronald Reagan (2)

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Cross, AKA Frazier, is unrepentant, and in bad health. He will not likely survive the appeals process. That is just fine. Normally I support death penalty in extreme cases and this is certainly one. But as an execution brings only headlines that will inspire more eliminationists, it is just as well if the state does not oppose any delays his appellate lawyers make because he’ll leave this mortal plane soon enough. As the psalmist of 23:5 says, “Thou preparest a table before mine enemies….” so Cross’s first meal on the other side would be with the likes of Nat Turner and Mordecai Anselwicz (Jewish resistance leader in Warsaw ghetto uprising).