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  • “It’s that kind of prejudicial ideology that puts us in the position we are today as a world.”

    Seriously??? Our prejudice against Muslims causes them to rape, bomb, and shoot innocent civilians? With this type of thinking, our society is doomed.

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  • Wendy Gustofson

    Go Packers, and Amen Aaron! Civility and peace taught by a football player! Peace starts wherever God plants you and I’m glad to see a sports figure stand up for it! (And I’m not a sports fan!)

  • DougSlug

    I think (I hope) what he was referring to was the prejudicial ideology practiced by Muslim terrorists as well, not just the practice of the slur-slinging fan by itself.

  • Dale

    Aaron was right in calling out the idiot fan. And Ahan was right in pointing it out.

    But don’t get too carried away. On the other hand, we do not want to see athletes, (as well as musicians, actors, etc) get too carried away with their ‘social responsibility’.

    Every so often, something like this they are right for stating their views. And in this, I completely agree with him…it would have been irresponsible NOT to speak out. But it is too easy for too many to get carried away. Essentially, I don’t spend my $$ to hear Aaron Rogers’ personal views. I spend my $$ to see him play. (Or act in a tv show or movie or whatever.) To use an old quote “Shut up and Sing”

  • prinefan

    Religion, all of it, that’s the problem.

  • Martin

    Our prejudice against Muslims causes US to bomb and kill innocent civilians with our drones, to intentionally bomb hospitals, torture, and the like. With this type of thinking by us, our society is doomed.

  • Eddie Hicks

    Invading and occupying a nation that never attacked us. Killing hundreds of thousands of their citizens along with 4 thousand of our own. Yes that “causes them to rape, bomb, and shoot innocent civilians?” Not saying it right because it is not. But there is a reason.

  • Jack

    The fan was probably a real jackass, but you make a very good point about Rodger’s retort. He sounds like a bit of a dunce in his own right.

  • Dumb Dale

    I find it hilarious that you say you pay to watch him play, and then CHOOSE to listen to his press conference after, or CHOOSE to come here and read about it and then complain that you’re paying to hear about his personal views. Hil-arious.