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  • Jack

    It doesn’t matter what they’re called. All that matters is when is the west going to get serious about destroying them.

    Obama bares the lion’s share of the blame, but Bush should also be ashamed of himself in fighting a minimalist war against radical Islamism.

  • Chris Scherer

    Please see: “Choosing Words Carefully: Language to Help Fight Islamic Terrorism” by Dr. Douglas E. Streusand & Lt. Col. Harry D. Tunnel IV, National Defense University for Strategic Communications.

  • Maxwell

    There’s a push going on by Obama loyalists in the Media to take ‘Islamic’ out of terrorism by calling them Daesh with childish claims that it offends them.

    The term they’ve used is ISIS and Obama prefers ISIL since it ignores the fact ISIS was formed in ‘Syria’ where Obama’s been supporting terrorists fighting against Assad’s government, which ultimately created ISIS.

    So now the push is to call them Daesh and not only remove ‘Syria’ but remove ‘Islamic’ all together since Obama claims its not the religious extremists, its the ideologues that motivate ISIS …and the Media plays along.

  • Jack

    Hell-Bound Losers is a good name, because it describes their likely fate with precision.

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