• larry

    Sinatra DID NOT play Mickey Marcus in Cast a Giant Shadow. That role was done by Kirk Douglas.

    Sinatra’s part was little more than a cameo, as a friend of Marcus during WWII, who became a pilot for Israel. His scene was one of those David v. Goliath moments. Sinatra bombed tanks from a Piper Cub using Molotov cocktails.

  • Charlotte

    Reread the piece and see that R.Salkin wrote that Sinatra had a bit part.

    Thanks, Rabbi, for the the humor and eulogy.

  • Rick

    You are correct, Sinatra did not play the role of Mickey Marcus. Of course, this blog post doesn’t say he did.

  • Larry

    It was corrected from a previous goof. Mr. Salkin acknowledged the error by E-mail and made the change. My post is moot. 🙂