• Jack

    Listen to your Muslim friend and don’t take Trump seriously. Trump is Trump.

    As for the American people, whom I suspect is your real worry, have a little more faith in them. Most are wary about Muslims because they’ve never met any. But once they do, they will get the picture and become a lot more tolerant.

    Someone should write an article not only on how Muslims are overwhelmingly good Americans, but how groups that hated each other abroad, like Hindus from India and Muslims from Pakistan, get along in America. It’s truly a wonderful testament to the greatness of our country and a rebuke to Trump’s silliness.

  • Garson Abuita

    The OU and the modern Orthodox rabbinical group, the Rabbinical Council of America, have issued a joint statement condemning calls to restrict immigration based on religion, dated Dec. 9th. I’m curious whether you started writing this last week and didn’t find a statement on their website and that’s why you called.
    Perhaps they’ve been a little slow coming out with this one and this is understandable based on the fact that there seems to be, unfortunately, palpable support for White ISIS in their congregations.
    Mein Coif might be speaking his mind but please don’t call him honest. This is someone who lies every chance he can get if he thinks it’ll get him votes, to the point of making stuff up as he goes along, even if it makes no sense. Last week he claimed he’d sign an executive order mandating the death penalty for cop killers. Today he claimed he’s an evangelical, while taking a cheap shot at Cruz.

  • Solo

    nobody has a problem with ‘normal’ muslims. not americans, not jews, not judaism. a jew is too allowed to pray in mosque.

    but your rosy PC article doesn’t solve anything.

    wahabbi jihadism is a FACT.
    Saudi arabia, while officially our ‘ally’ , is wahhabi islam- which is the root of islamist extremism, which funds hundreds of free extremist muslim ‘schools’ (midrassas)
    which teach literal interpretation of sura 9:29 and 9:5 in quran- kill or submit EVERYONE.

    yes! are u ok with foresworn enemies of israel and of usa becoming usa citizens, while OPENLY calling for killing of everyone who refuses to bow to Allah AS A MUSLIM???

    That is wahabi official religious stand.

    (i’m a student of quran, and these are simple facts. religious jihad is a MAJOR. part of islam.

  • Abdul

    A very well written article sir.
    Mr. Trump is a shame to the civilised, caring big-hearted Americans.
    I have travelled in America far and wide. I’ve found americans to be very hospitable and friendly.
    America is a huge country blessed with natural resources, the only thing they lack sometimes is good leadership.
    May God give them good leadership.

    You have rightly said that Trump has helped hammer nails into the coffin of American civility.
    I’m quite sure he won’t be successful in doing so.