• in the old days of being “relational”…(just post Vatican II)…this would show the cardinal was “cool” and worthy to be deemed part of the “in-group” of whatever group it was. Now, it is reaching out to the “periphery” as part of the new pastoral evangelization. Same difference. The fact is that the UK is a total mess, a pit of despair, cut off almost completely from the True Faith (IMHO). Any and all out-reach to them is fine with me. Just wait until Elton John dies…You will see rainbow altar cloths and chasubles for him! And the Catholic clergy will show their “True Colors” in celebration of “a life well lived….” eh.

  • Fr Peter Calabrese

    Dr. Greg has a more disconcerting criticism of which I was unaware. While they are allegations surely the pop world knows the truth of them. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/faithonthecouch/2016/01/speaking-ill-of-the-dead-why-is-the-media-silent-on-david-bowies-sexual-abuse-of-minors/

  • David Gibson

    I’d heard those charges, important to get out there — and not terribly surprising given the times. Did Bowie ever respond? Did the victims ever sue or try to press charges?

  • RW

    Now you understand why many Cardinal Ravasi has twice as many Twitter followers as the Catholic League.

  • larry

    The Catholic League is one person with a loud mouth and very little nice to say about anyone or anything.

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  • N

    “All I know is that Bowie was a switch-hitter who tried to sing.”

    Which enough for me to know that Donahue doesn’t really know enough for anyone to take what he says seriously. Not that this is unprecedented or anything.

  • will

    Oh yeah, that’s right. Truth is determined by the number of Twitter followers a person has.

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