‘Royal wedding’ of atheist group, Richard Dawkins Foundation launches woman to top post

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Richard Dawkins. Photo courtesy of Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science

Richard Dawkins. Photo courtesy of Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science

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(RNS) The Center for Inquiry and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science are merging to form the largest reason-based organization in the U.S. It will be headed by a woman.

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  • Peace and love, man.

    I wish you all luck overcoming your inherent offense from ideas you don’t agree with.

  • stevie68a

    Try reading from Delusions:101, and find all religious claims are false.
    Which is a good start for dealing with reality.

  • muz

    I love being an atheist.

    I’m happy, healthy and don’t need a religious belief to find purpose in existence. People in many countries are hostile to atheists. We are being killed in India and Bangladesh as late as a few months ago. Not for preaching anti-theism… Just for living as godless monsters… Eating cake without thanking one of the 2,800 gods we humans worship. I read a story recently about a man shot by a women in the United States of America just for not ‘believing in jesus’. How crazy is that?!

    It isn’t easy, this area in particular has a lot of people like Be Brave above, who feel like my quiet non-belief is somehow an attempt to specifically destroy them.

    Atheists don’t theists. We feel as sorry for you as you feel for us.

    I always found it a little sad… Why are they so insecure? Is their belief system that fragile? Are they afraid some reality might seep in if they let their guard down? Who knows…. who cares….

    I’m going to have some cake and…

  • The only thing atheist have in common is not currently being convinced that a god exists. If you want to roll humanism and a litany of other positions into it you do so fallaciously.

  • Randy C Cone

    1) You, nor I, can speak for all atheists. Your generalizing shows an inherant intellectual weakness. You may wish to look into that. Given how religions generally teach delusional (denial of reality, promotion of fantasy) thinking patterns to children as their minds are developing (child abuse IMO), I don’t have much hope that you will.

    2) I can say with confidence that the vast majority of atheists, such as myself, don’t hate Christians. We certainly don’t hunt them down with machetes or give them death sentences as is normal treatment for atheists in other countries.

    Indeed it seems you are the one who hates an entire group of people, most of whom you have not met. I wonder why you hate people you have not met?

  • Richard Rush

    That’s exceptionally lame.

    If people are unable to believe that life on earth could have developed via evolution, how can they possibly believe that an infinitely more intelligent, skilled, and powerful God suddenly appeared from nowhere or through a form of evolution?

  • G Key

    As I’ve said before:

    Some believers respect atheists & their beliefs. Other believers don’t.
    Some atheists respect believers & their beliefs. Other atheists don’t.
    Isn’t it amazing how much we have in common?

    Thanks to all those commenters who so boldly illustrate my point whilst demonstrating such solidarity over their shared values.

    And a big “Amen!” to the singularly wise, compassionate, and hopeful comment from Peace and love, man.

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  • John Baton

    Are you aware that Richard Dawkins doesn’t describe himself as an atheist?

  • G Key

    I’m sure you’re well aware that a person’s rejection of a description doesn’t invalidate that description’s applicability to that person.

    Of course, if he’s religious (or spiritual, for that matter), then he’s really got himself in a fine mess.

    But whatever his personal beliefs, what he says and does is utterly disrespectful to other people and their beliefs.

    It’s all about how we treat each other.

  • Math and physics deal with real numbers, which are not objects of nature, and therefore must be false. How can a false thing create something true? Take a look at https://theoryofsouls.wordpress.com/ for many examples.

    Laws of nature are the only truth. Vedas talk about the following laws of nature: soul theory, yogic power, reincarnation, destiny, etc. There is no God in Vedas. If you look carefully you will find all of these laws are there in Bible also. Reincarnation was there in Bible, but was removed later. Destiny is clearly stated in Bible. Yogic power is also mentioned in Bible.

    There are two types of interpretations of all religions: Vedic interpretation and money power interpretation. Money power interpretation is the main stream interpretation – which says there is God, we are sinners, we have freewill, good and bad morality etc. Such things are inconsistent with destiny theory.

  • Bob

    IF not atheist. Then what title DOES he embrace?
    Thank you.

  • G Key

    “Antitheist”, if he’s honest. I imagine he embraces that term; it’s a perfect fit.

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  • John Baptiste

    Outstanding news!