Anti-Islam movement stages protests across Europe

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Supporters of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) carry German and Russian flags during a demonstration in Dresden, Germany, February 6, 2016.  REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke.

Supporters of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) carry German and Russian flags during a demonstration in Dresden, Germany, February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke.

Activists against migrants shout slogans as they participate in a protest organized by the anti-Islam group PEGIDA, in Calais, France, February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol.

Activists against migrants shout slogans as they participate in a protest organized by the anti-Islam group PEGIDA, in Calais, France, February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol.

DRESDEN, Germany – Germany’s anti-Islam PEGIDA movement staged rallies in several cities across Europe on Saturday to protest against the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

The movement, whose name stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, originated in the eastern German city of Dresden in 2014, with supporters seizing on a surge in asylum seekers to warn that Germany risks being overrun by Muslims.

After almost fizzling out early last year, the movement has regained momentum amid deepening public unease over whether Germany can cope with the 1.1 million migrants who arrived in the country during 2015.

The alleged involvement of migrants in assaults on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve has also spurred PEGIDA, which says it is proof that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming stance to refugees is flawed.

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“We must succeed in guarding and controlling Europe’s external borders as well as its internal borders once again,” PEGIDA member Siegfried Daebritz told a crowd on the banks of the River Elbe who chanted “Merkel must go!”.

Police in Dresden declined to estimate the number of protesters. German media put the number at up to 8,000, well below the 15,000 originally expected by police.

Hundreds of counter-demonstrators also marched through Dresden under the motto “Solidarity instead of exclusion”, holding up placards saying “No place for Nazis”.

Far-right groups see Europe’s refugee crisis as an opportunity to broadcast their anti-immigrant message. There were 208 rallies in Germany in the last quarter of 2015, up from 95 a year earlier, Interior Ministry data showed.


Protests also took place on Saturday in other cities, including Amsterdam, Prague and the English city of Birmingham.

Supporters of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) carry German and Russian flags during a demonstration in Dresden, Germany, February 6, 2016.  REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke.

Supporters of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) carry German and Russian flags during a demonstration in Dresden, Germany, February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke.

In Calais, in northern France, more than a dozen people were arrested during a protest that was attended by more than a hundred people despite being banned, local authorities said.

Thousands of migrants fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East camp out in Calais, hoping for a chance to make the short trip across the English Channel to Britain.

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In Prague, an estimated 2,200 people including both supporters and opponents of Pegida held a series of rival demonstrations around the Czech capital. Police had to intervene in one march when supporters of the migrants came under attack from around 20 people who threw bottles and stones.

Later, around 20 masked assailants threw Molotov cocktails during an attack on a center that collects donations for refugees, forcing the evacuation of the building and injuring one person who was hit by glass, police said.

In Warsaw, hundreds of people waved Polish flags and chanted “England and France are in tears, that’s how tolerance ends”.

“We’re demonstrating against the Islamisation of Europe, we’re demonstrating against immigration, against an invasion,” Robert Winnicki, leader of Poland’s far-right Ruch Narodowy (National Movement), told demonstrators.

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland have together taken a tough stance on migration and have been largely opposed to taking in significant numbers of refugees.

(Reporting by Caroline Copley and Reuters TV)

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  • albert boulanger

    islamophobia is real and based on facts.

  • James Frank

    Let no one overrun your homeland, it is yours to defend. Let them go home to their own and make a stand. If brought here it will be met with an abrupt violent end. Stay at home and fight for your own. No dictator or president or government has the power that it’s people hold. Especially in the United States of America we the people are the authority a d have the final voice of our future. Trust in God and not in any man.

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  • jsrich

    It’s about time. The same should take place in the USA after Sheik Obama al-Kenyatti is replaced, hopefully with a patriotic conservative. We need to stop the islamization of the west and stand firm against this invasion.

  • sam567

    Islamization of Europe must be stopped immediateley! Islam will destroy Europe as we know it. Once the Islam population reaches a threshold, Europe will turn into another middle-eat with numerous factions and terrorist groups finghting for control. End of stability, peace in Europe is in sigh now!

  • Ron

    We should not not allow the liberal press put wrong idea in our brain that Sharia low can be coexist with 21 century west democratic society. Please use some critical thinking – It’s the same as put cannibals and vegetarians in the same room.

  • Brian Fair

    Uh how is Shariah law different then Christian law?

  • Joseph Wisgirda

    Pegida? Sounds like another word for Nazi Bigot to me ….

  • Joseph Wisgirda

    Just like every other Phobia right? Islamophobia is based on what a bunch of wealthy bigots think : fear, not facts.

  • Joseph Wisgirda

    So would you stay there and fight if it was your land James? Would you stay and allow US and Russian warplanes to blow your family to bits? Would you allow the Syrian government and Nusra front to shoot them in the head as they fled starvation? Wow you must be a model dad!

  • Joseph Wisgirda

    Tell me just who is enforcing Sharia law in Europe Ron? Where is the Sharia enforcement squad? Tell me more fairy tales …

  • Michael

    How many Mosques are in America? Where are they mostly? Where are they not? Freedom of religion is/was a good idea or at least sounded good at the time. Times have changed as they always do.
    When I was young I went to a lot of different churches and listened and asked questions. They all sounded the same at that time but over the years the tone has changed. I believe in God because I choose to believe in good.
    Religion has become two faced to the point I believe in God but not in religion as it is practiced anymore.

  • John

    The far right on both sides are seriously flawed when it comes to being
    at all close to the truth as to how reality works. Both sides at the extreme
    are what I call, ” end timers,” dedicated to the notion of man being morally corrupt and in need of God to come back in a glory of holy world war in which only their narrow minded few survive and are offered a way forward.
    unfortunately poverty in many Islamic countries has led to the extremists
    who would insist that you not, DANCE, SING, PLAY INSTRUMENTS, etc etc etc. controling what goes on.
    The very notion of man even having a creative role to play in the manifestation of events, is outlawed in Islamic circles. The mind numbing
    rules against creative pursuit in Islamic societies is what has been their most limiting beliefs.
    Among backward peoples like the Taliban women trying to escape an abusive husband will get a woman seriously whipped publically. Check out
    You Tube, very sad stuff.

  • Islam Is lame, A Disgraceful carryover relic from a Barbaric time,…

  • Brian Notfair

    Not that I agree with any previous statements. However Sharia law is very strict in that some cases, one can lose body parts and/or one’s life by not following the strict doctrine. For instance, if you were to declare yourself muslim, and later decide that you no longer believe, you are subject to the death penalty. There are no modern cases of any such event in Christianity. One is not punished for disobedience, but forgiven, as the bible teaches that all have failed to live up to the higher standard, yet God loves the world so much, He punished His Son instead.

  • Michael

    I can’t remember the last time I attended a stoning the other religions threw.
    Stoning is to death.

  • Icarus

    Islam is not compatible with western culture due to the fact that western culture is based on Christian values and laws where about Islam is based on Muhammad’s values and laws called sharia. Islam is not only a religion it’s a constitution by which it proclaims/demands its followers loyalty to its laws “sharia” which are opposing to christian values and laws. In short Muslims are there own nation with its own set of laws and cannot have loyalty to the host nation they occupy only to the nation of Islam. Therefore muslims should be treated as such and be classified as an invading nation.

  • Michael

    Where ever Islam is Sharia is close behind edging them on.

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  • Yoh

    They were saying the same thing about the Jews back in the day. Its telling that the fascists today merely changed the object of their hate. The tactics have changed little.

  • Yoh

    Why do you hate America so much?

    You want to destroy one of its fundamental freedoms. Freedom of religion.

    If you really want to prevent the US from being a theocratic hellhole, look no further than Christian dominionists undermining the separation of church and state. They are the ones who wield real political power to allow a majority religious belief to dominate and destroy America. Islamic terrorists can only kill people and break things. The Christian theocrats have the power to destroy our way of life.

  • Yoh

    That is why there are weekly beheadings in Deerborn Michigan and residents of Downtown Brooklyn must join in mandatory prayer towards mecca.

    We are Americans, we don’t target people based on their religion. We are the place people go to when they are targeted on the basis of their religion. Islamaphobic nonsense is corrosive to America and all it stands for. Its so sad that people let their fears motivate them to destroy something truly great.

  • Yoh

    Neither do most Muslims. But if we were the judge Christians by the acts of their fundamentalist brethren one would think they are all child-raping murderers who want to kill doctors, gays, and religious minorities.

  • Yoh

    What are “Christian values”? Christians like to take credit for things and give praise to their religion completely bereft of facts. Our Constitution has nothing to do with your religion. It stands against your faith by allowing freedom of all religions for free exercise and banning government established religion which benefitted Christianity and Islam so well..

    People who talk about the US as a Christian Nation or talk of our laws being based on Christian values are no different from those demanding Sharia Law. It makes no difference which religion is backing a theocratic state, the very concept of religious based government is horrific.

  • Gea

    Fear of Islam is REAL, just as fear of Nazism was real in 1930…as more and more things were joining Nazis…Anybody who had read Koan, Hadith and Sira ( and the bloody history of Mohammedans conquests KNOWS that Islam is bad news for any civil society.

    Many EX-Muslims had warned us that Islam was a totalitarian, supremacist and imperialistic IDEOLOGY of HATE of all non-Muslims, which is worse than Nazism, because Islam also condones pedophilia, polygamy, rape, misogyny, slavery, looting and mass murder of Kufr (derogatory name Muslims refer to non-Muslims, who are all condiered inferior to Muslim overlords).

  • Gea

    Judaism and Islam are like day and night. Judaism teaches CHOSE life, while Islam (Koran, Hadith and Sira) say: DON’T be like Jews who like life on Earth, but prepare for the eternal life in the Muslim Paradise with 72 virgins and 12 prepubescent boys “to do with them as you please.”

    Judaism and Chritaintiy have 10 commandments, while Mohamed commands his followers to do the oposite of those commandments. Jihad, the bloody war is a way of Islam. Ignorance of Islam may kill you.

  • Gea

    Unlike all other religions, Islam is a totalitarian, supremacist, and imperialistic IDEOLOGY of HATE of HUMANITY, which IS NOT COMPATIBLE with US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and therefore Islam does not belong to any society that respects liberty, justice and human rights for ALL individuals, regardless to race, gender, nationality… Murdering non-Muslims is NOT a HUMAN RIGHT of the Muslims, although they think it is..

    mosques and Islamic organizations must be sued for their HATE speech against humanity that results in murder and material damage, as such speech is NOT protected by the First Amandment of US Constitution. Read abbreviated and organized copy of Koran, Hadith and Sira to see for yourself:

  • Ken

    Hmm… most middle east countries seem to have Christianphobia, or atheist phobia or buddist phobia, or “quit Islam or we will kill you phobia” or alcohol phobia, or LGBT phobia. And they kill each other, sunni’s seem to have “shia-phobia” and Shia seem to have “sunni-phobia.”

    They are supreme bigots in their countries, and laws vary from prohibiting other religions (penalty DEATH) to only allowing Muslims to hold office, and the constitution of Saudi Arabia is the violent Quran (I’ve read it ).

    They are killing people in Thailand, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq and Syria. Ethnic cleansing already took place in many other countries. Congratulations to them…

    And they come here, build mosques, and file suit to pray in factories, and to implement Sharia law. Christians who attempt this in Islamic countries risk imprisonment and death.

    And you accuse “a bunch of wealthy bigots” of islamophobia. Oil shieks? Imans? Who are these wealthy bigots? Your worldview is warped…

  • Unless a country has Religion/State separation there will be no peace.
    If Islam becomes dominant in Europe without such separation Religion will again ruin civilization.
    America’s founders knew of this peril and inoculated America from this cultural catastrophe:

    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion..” – US Constitution

    Those of you who are afraid of Sharia Law take note!
    PROTECT our First Amendment!

  • Yoh,

    I agree completely. America has nothing to fear from Muslims.
    Muslims are only 1% of the population and yet comprise 5% of the medical and technological fields in American industry.

    Furthermore, Muslims are becoming Atheist much faster once they arrive in America. Muslims also find America far more welcoming than the media would have you believe.

    Ex-Muslims are like Ex-Christians – we have no reason to hate or be suspicious of each other.

  • Garson Abuita

    Tell us more about how “hate against humanity” is not protected under the First Amendment. And let us know how that impeachment effort is going. Or did you have in mind something the Secret Service should know about?

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  • Joel

    Students of Islam must understand that it is a religio-political system with an array of sanctions against violators within and outside the religion. Islam without Sharia is impossible. All Muslims know this, but unfortunately the West, North America and Western Europe have only now begun to grasp this truth. It is too late for them to avoid social chaos trying to appease Muslims. Eastern Europeans (i.e., Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), who suffered so much under Nazism and Communism, see the chaos and are acting preemptively for the welfare of their citizens.

  • Yoh

    Advocating attacking people on the basis of their religion is not only totalitarian, supremacist, and imperialistic, its Unamerican. Its what dictatorships do in order to whip up popular support and find scapegoats.

    You know nothing of Muslims beyond what hate-mongers are telling you. You hate the 1st Amendment and all it stands for. Free speech and freedom of religion aren’t to protect what is popular, it is to protect what isn’t. There are no excuses for attacking the right of people to worship in their given faith. NONE. Its sad to see Americans willing to use the Constitution like toilet paper.

  • Yoh

    Christian bigots haven’t changed a bit. They still look for scapegoats and easy targets to attack. Still trying to pretend hatred of a given faith is somehow normal and should be encouraged, Back in the day such malice was reserved for Jews. Now its Muslims. The same right wingers looking for quick political power through inflaming prejudices using the same tactics.

  • Tolerant to a point

    These protests are a response to animal like behavior from the muslim immigrants and refugees. People like Yoh profess this head in the sand attitude toward what is really going on in Europe. These so called peaceful immigrants are raping, pillaging, robbing, and assaulting everyone they can. I guess people like Yoh accept this type of behavior. These immigrants have to abide by the laws of the country that take them in. I don’t think that is too much to ask from the very people that are being helped. I hope that one or some of these immigrants has their Sharia way with either Yoh or someone in Yoh’s family. I sadly believe that still would not change Yoh’s thinking. By the way, Christianity had its moments of mass torture and killings hundreds of years ago; however, Christianity has progressed where Muslims living by Sharia law have not. Comparing Shari law to Christianity is like comparing apples to stool samples. Not comparable.

  • WTF??? Protests against ILLEGAL immigrants and the Islamization of Europe were “banned” in Calais, France?? This is BS! Tous les Francais: You must TAKE BACK the country that is RIGHTFULLY YOURS! You must stage a COUP against EACH & EVERY POLITICIAN in CALAIS that voted to TAKE AWAY your GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO PROTEST, and against ALL POLITICIANS that SUPPORTED INVADING FRANCE w/ MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Make them pay for their TREASON! The invasion of Europe w/ Muslims was INTENTIONAL in order to create CHAOS, VIOLENCE, and INSTABILITY in order to STRIP you of your RIGHTS. Already you have lost your right to PROTEST, to SPEAK OUT against Muslims…what’s next? I’m so sorry for you because you have LOST your country. The Muslims will eventually be the MAJORITY and then will elect MUSLIM TERRORISTS into office, then they will establish SHARIA LAW and enslave you!

    Fight back NOW while you still can!

    First, Im very sorry for you that your politicians have given your country away to Muslims and stripped you of your right to protest and your right to free speech. Here in the United States we want to AVOID what has happened to Europe and the intentional MUSLIM INVASION of Europe. Since you are no longer SAFE in your own country, and since you cannot bear arms (guns) to adequately protect yourself, and since your government (police) will not and cannot protect you from the violence, sexual assaults, rapes, murders, and more committed by Muslim immigrants, CLAIM THAT YOU MUST FLEE GERMANY AS A REFUGEE SEEKING ASYLUM IN THE UNITED STATES! We could use hard-working, non-Muslim immigrants in the US instead of free-loading Muslims that will also only create violence and chaos.


This is a BRILLIANT PLAN that will BACKFIRE ON our CORRUPT politicians! SHARE this…

  • You still missed the point about Christianity: Nowhere in the Bible could any violence committed be justified by the ‘Christians’, whereas the violence being committed by Muslims (i.e. jihad) CAN be FULLY JUSTIFIED and IS JUSTIFIED in the QURAN, Hadiths, and by the life example led by Muhammad. Just compare Jesus vs Muhammad…day vs. night, good vs. evil, respectively.