Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – March 2, 2016

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Healing Moral Wounds of War – 2.6 million U.S. service members have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—the largest number since the Vietnam War. In her book Afterwar, Georgetown University professor Nancy Sherman argues that many of them suffer from moral wounds, a complex set of emotional injuries that are often separate from post-traumatic stress. In an interview with Managing Editor Kim Lawton, Sherman explores these injuries and says the entire nation has a “sacred obligation” to help service members heal. Lawton also talks with a veteran who suffered moral injury. Originally: broadcast 6/26/15.

Benedictine Nuns Raising Cattle – The Abbey of St. Walburga in Colorado is also a 300 acre working ranch managed by 23 nuns who gather for prayer seven times a day, in full black habits, and also, among other things, work as ranch hands raising their herd of beef cattle.  Lucky Severson paid them a visit. Originally broadcast: 6/12/15.

Baha’i 19-Day Fast – Baha’is around the world have been observing their 19-Day Fast. It’s one of the holiest times on their calendar and leads up to Naw Ruz, their New Year. Baha’i member ‘Abdu’l-Karim Ewing-Boyd describes the fast and what it means to him spiritually. Originally broadcast: 3/20/15.



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