• G Key

    RNS’s new streamlined format takes me longer to find all the articles that interest me.

    The old one let me simply page down and see a list of all (i.e., numerous) recent articles sorted by newest (on top), and they all appeared in the same (emphasis) easily-browsed (emphasis) thumbnail-headline-lede format on the left, and continued in a 2nd column of numerous headlines & ledes (no photos) to the right, with ads at the far right; below was a similar 2-column list of all (variable number) recent “Columns”, with ads at the far right; below that was a similarly arranged list of “The Slingshot” newsletters; and below that was a list of “Press Releases”.

    This new streamlined format shows 1 large-photoed headline & lede on top, with 4 or 5 “Most Popular” headlines (no photos or ledes) on the side (which, judging from the topics and number of comments, makes me think they might be more honestly labeled “Featured” — example: “John Eldredge’s motorcycle movie is about dreams”); below these are a row of 3 small-photoed headlines (no ledes) on the left and an ad on the right; below these are a 2×3 grid of 6 (fixed-number?) “Columns” on the left, and ads on the right; below these are a 3×3 grid of 8 (fixed-number?) medium-photoed “News Stories” headlines (no ledes), with an ad tucked in the middle; below these are a list of “Slingshot” newsletters on the left, and a list of “Press Releases” on the right; and below these is an unlabeled (“Miscellaneous”?) row of 3 (fixed number?) medium-photoed headlines (no ledes).

    Notice how many more lines I had to write to describe the new streamlined format.

    Taken as a work of commercial art, the new streamlined format looks slick and pretty. Taken as a useful list of articles, the new format looks like if you can’t say anything nice…

  • G Key

    And, though I don’t mind having to log in, I do mind being unable to log out from the home page (to which I return after reading an article in order to find another interesting article). To log off, I have to hunt-and-click-and-scroll-down until I find an article that allows comments, because logging off can only be done from a gray Comments “panel”. I’m logging off now.

  • Her Leftness

    This will require some adjustment. I was comfortable with the old format and knew how to use it. I’m counseling myself with “patience.”