Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – May 20, 2016

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Mississippi “Religious Freedom” Law – Mississippi has enacted a new law there that says people of faith can refuse to serve gays if they think such service would violate the teachings of their religion.  As Lucky Severson reports, supporters of the law insist it will protect religious freedom.  Critics say it will permit unconstitutional discrimination.

Ethical Obligations to Displaced People – According to the United Nations, in 2015, some eight million people around the world were displaced from their homes by conflict and social upheaval–the largest number ever recorded in a single year. Prominent theologian and ethicist David Hollenbach has been studying the global refugee crisis. He talks with Kim Lawton about the moral obligations he believes the US government and individual Americans have to find solutions.

Nepal’s Historic Temples – There’s a culture clash over repairing the priceless antiquities of Nepal that were badly damaged by last year’s earthquake.  The world’s experts want to restore the buildings as they were. But, as Fred de Sam Lazaro reports, many Nepalis are indifferent about the historic significance of sites that to them are primarily places of worship.



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