Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly listings – June 3, 2016

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Payday Loans – The Federal Government this past week unveiled plans to regulate the highly controversial business of payday loans available nationwide.  These short-term, high interest loans have long been seen by consumer advocates, among them church leaders, as dangerous exploitation of the very poor.  Last month Google said it will ban all payday loans ads.  Last year, Lucky Severson reported from Birmingham, Alabama on the prevalence and consequences of payday loans. Originally broadcast August 28, 2015.

The Women’s Mosque of America – As the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims go to mosques to worship, men are the preachers, the leaders and the most visible participants.  But in Los Angeles, California there is now the Women’s Mosque of America where the arrangements are just the reverse:  to their great satisfaction, women give the sermons, lead worship and comprise the entire congregation.  Kim Lawton reports. Originally broadcast July 24, 2015.   

100,000 Meals Per Morning – Many churches across the country have been helping the charity “Stop Hunger Now” by packing non-perishable food for malnourished children in the world’s poorest areas.  One day last winter we visited the Grace Community Church in Arlington, Virginia where, in one morning, 1500 people packaged 7000 meals for 100,000 hungry children.  Our host was Senior Pastor John Slye. Originally broadcast December 18, 2015.    



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