The Slingshot: Church of Chewbacca? Catholic Trump-mentum. Dawkins speaks.


Need to know: 05/25/2016

So long, snipers!

Hollywood reworks Muslim stereotypes

Muslims have been portrayed as “good” or “bad” in many films and television shows, but Hollywood is moving to change this by asking Muslims to become part of the creative process. More from Religion News Service

Whatever happened to paper bag puppets?

Turns out that Chewbacca mask lady is a worship leader

Now Candace Payne wants to use her viral fame to share the gospel. More from Charisma News

Et tu, Rick?

Santorum endorses Trump after ‘long heart-to-heart’

“The most important issue is preserving the Constitution of this country and a liberal Supreme Court will destroy it,” said Santorum, a Catholic considered a top spokesman for social conservatives. More from TheHill

Ta ta, Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s daughter quits priesthood after marrying a woman

The Rev. Mpho Tutu told local media that since the Anglican Church of South Africa does not recognize her marriage, she could no longer serve it. More from Religion News Service

And this makes sense?

Richard Dawkins speaks out

“I’m all for offending people’s religion,” says the famous atheist in a new interview following his mild stroke, adding: “Rationality ought to be polite and humorous. Aggressive atheism is sometimes attributed to me, but I think wrongly.” More from

Bonus tracks

God and mammon

The business of Christian fiction

“Though large and small publishers are all active in the market, a few key Christian houses dominate,” writes Lynn Garrett. More from

“Barbershop,” Middle East version

The Shampoo Summit

Filmmaker Iris Zaki took a job in a Haifa, Israel hair salon to show how women think about the conflict between Jews and Arabs. More from

Real poo, no sham

Bug dung turns Taj Mahal green

The Mughal mausoleum is being stained by bug feces dyed green by muck in a local river. More from

Common ground

‘All these are qualities that we share’: Grand imam on meeting the pope

The imam spoke to Vatican media about why terrorism should be abhorrent to Muslims who correctly interpret Muslim texts, and how his university is spreading that message to youths. More from

An original(ist)

Antonin Scalia and American religion

Essayist George Blaustein examines how the late Supreme Court justice’s philosophy of Constitutional originalism aligned with his Catholicism – or not. More from