The Dawod family's Eid al-Fitr feast isn't as bountiful as in years past due to the violence in Gaza, Haya Dawod said.

Gaza violence casts a pall on Eid celebrations

JERUSALEM (RNS) This year, instead of sweets, people are drinking black coffee without sugar, a sign of mourning in Palestinian culture. Instead of new clothes, people are sending their alms to Gaza. Instead of going on vacation, people stay home, glued to the TV set.

Muslims listening to the sermon, or khutba, by Imam Suhaib Webb at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, on the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr. RNS photo by Omar Sacirbey

What imams talk about during Eid

(RNS) “The Eid khutba is like the State of the Union address,” said Oklahoma-born convert Suhaib Webb, referring to the sermons Muslims heard at mosques around the U.S. as they celebrated the end of Ramadan.

Muslims Brace For Tense Holiday

(RNS) Following attacks on seven mosques in the last two weeks, many Muslim Americans will mark the end of Ramadan this weekend under a cloud of fear. Their leaders aren't sure how to promote safety without provoking panic. By Omar Sacirbey.